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Sat2tayade Publish time 25-3-11 20:21:55

UC browser and computer?

Dear UC team WHY DON'T YOU DEVELOP A UC BROWSER FOR COMPUTER? I mean in .exe format which again can be the best browser FOR COMPUTER. Coz UC BROWSER really a very usefull browser FOR mobile. So it can be also for COMPUTER?

Somyab Publish time 25-3-11 20:28:28

Bro it needs a huge team work and alot of hard work..u can se opera entered in pc browser world..but it was not able to compete mozilla..similarly uc nly looks gud for mobile..nöt for pc..If u still want to use i can use it wid kemulator wid a tut posted in this forum

C-DAC Publish time 25-3-11 21:05:08

Bro, UC Browser is a mobile browser developed by "UC Mobile" company. So UC Mobile only focus on mobile products like UC Browser, UC Mobile, UC Player, UC Thunder, etc...

Leviathan Publish time 25-3-11 21:08:20

True.. I also would like UC to concentrate only on mobile products..

Xillutsion Publish time 26-3-11 18:23:54

i also need it

Sat2tayade Publish time 26-3-11 18:56:55

I think you are correct. But bros if UC BROWSER comes for COMPUTER it will gain popularity in a quick.

Keanu101 Publish time 26-3-11 19:00:12

Ya making a pc based browser by uc team is a really really really difficult job. And being a mobile app creator i belive pc is out of their forte. Opera whom we've known for a long long time is still struggling to get recognition.
All i can say now is UC stepping into the pc app world will require very huge pre-planning and i dont think UC is ready.

However, the success and potential UC has shown in the mobile world is laudable. UC should consider expanding even more and emerge as a leader in their field. On the last note, i would prefer UC coming up with variety of mobile apps...
Best wishes to UC TEAM

Xillutsion Publish time 26-3-11 19:05:29

i searched and found kemulator to run uc on pc

YanOri Publish time 26-3-11 20:24:21

i would love to use other mobile products by UC in English, but not as a browser in pc, more than 1 reason for this reply of mine

Mean01 Publish time 27-3-11 20:23:23

Firstly UC stil needs to s0rt out a lot of issues with its m0bile browser. I dnt think it ll b managable 4 thm to look after both and subsequently they wil fall sh0rt in providing quality, which is damaging to its reputation. Its stil a long way 4 them 2 go 4 a desktop browser.
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