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Welcome to UC Tech Discussion - Java Section! (Official Section for UC Browser FeedBack)
Please Check Java FAQ Before posting Your feedback about UC Browser

Do Search first before Posting
   * If you want to make a post for a problem related to facebook, then search 'facebook', If your problem has already been answered or Posted in another thread, then don't post it again.
   * If a topic is locked, then you can PM any mod / supermod or press report button to open it for you.
   * Post Problems Related only with Latest Official Version
   * Avoid to Bump older thread dont post unnecessary in any thread.
Do Posting with Proper Title Avoid Making Confusing Title
   * The thread title must give a brief idea about the content of your problem, i.e -  When you encounter an error where UC hang while visiting a page xyz.com, "UC hang while logging into xyz.com" is a better title instread of "My us hang".
   * In Title full site link are not allowed, write only site first name or starting word.
   * Try to avoid 'Help me', 'Urgent help needed' or similar kind of titles. This doesn't help your thread at all.
   * New threads with contents similar to the ones already posted will be either closed and/or deleted without warning.
Do Posting in Details
   * UC browser version with pf number (Menu > Setting > Help > About).
   * Your phone model.
   * Network access point.
   * Country
   * If problem in specific site with 'download /upload /open', then link to the site along with error message
Important Notes :
   * Try to avoid discussion on suggestion topics / polls.
   * Use the vote button to vote for your favorite choice, only reply when you have to add something really important and is related to the topic.
   * Please post feedback to test versions on the specific topic only.
   * Don't Post Abusive language/ Thanks / I agree /  Nice one / double or multi replies, etc are not Allowed in thread/title or content, instead Use Support/Not Support or Thanks / Dislikes.
   * Visit the Global forum rules  to avoid confusions and to have a joyful discussion in the forum.
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