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UC Browser Discussion - Android Section! Official Section for UC Browser FeedBack!</strong>
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Announcement Announcement: UC for WP 4.2v with Downloader released! grace 18-12-14    
 Sticky I Hide sticky threads Preview [Others] Being a real UC Tester, get the peak of life!  ...234 grace 20-6-14 766969 Bart Yesterday 18:42
Hide sticky threads Preview Move:Confirmed suggestions of Android full &mini version Tisherley 26-8-14 -- 1-1-70 08:00
  Forum Thread   
1-1-701-1-70 08:00
Preview [Suggestion] Edit New sKyLaRk Half hour(s) ago 015 sKyLaRk Half hour(s) ago
Preview [Others] Pauses on minimization New sKyLaRk 1 hour(s) ago 016 sKyLaRk 1 hour(s) ago
Preview [Suggestion] Uc Browser HD New cipryan Yesterday 22:56 035 cipryan Yesterday 22:56
Preview [Help] NewYear2015 have problems!! attach_img New Anik Islam Yesterday 22:26 039 Anik Islam Yesterday 22:26
Preview [Help] Problems with image file on UC10.1 attach_img New Ashupnk 3 day(s) ago 8190 Anik Islam Yesterday 22:19
Preview [Recorded] For the developers!! New Anik Islam 5 day(s) ago 12125 Anik Islam Yesterday 21:28
Preview [Help] uc add-on doncapable 10-9-14 161289 Thayseer Yesterday 20:29
Preview [Help] 'Video Downloader' add-ons.. attach_img New Anik Islam 3 day(s) ago 7480 Adyel@live.com Yesterday 18:45
Preview [Help] Video Downloader Add-ons to UDisk. New jhun12 The day before yesterday 18:41 5187 Adyel@live.com Yesterday 16:57
Preview [Help] problem on 4pda.ru forum DenisArd 12-12-14 7273 lstingrid Yesterday 14:23
Preview [Help] i need new version of Facebook attach_img New hasnath 3 day(s) ago 5191 lstingrid Yesterday 11:19
Preview [Help] UC DESKTOP VIEW NOT WORKING ON FACEBOOKK attach_img New mciegee 4 day(s) ago 168 lstingrid Yesterday 11:14
Preview [Help] Please add latest version of uc 10.0.2 iin GGoogle play store New Pradip786 3 day(s) ago 159 lstingrid Yesterday 11:00
Preview [Recorded] In build Qr code maker New deep2690 Yesterday 02:46 138 lstingrid Yesterday 10:23
Preview [Help] Oops! This link appears to be expired. attach_img New gursewak1992 5 day(s) ago 361 lstingrid Yesterday 09:53
Preview [Suggestion] improvements bilal1947 12-12-14 2106 春观春 Yesterday 00:09
Preview [Help] some questions about uc browser v10.0.2 attach_img New abikmt The day before yesterday 12:07 5161 abikmt The day before yesterday 22:25
Preview [Recorded] Fix UC Flat Theme attach_img 007ab 6-12-14 6323 wrfdga4ha9 The day before yesterday 15:39
Preview [Help] push notifications. attachment sasalabs2099 3-11-14 9328 cristian.pana The day before yesterday 14:59
Preview [Recorded] UC Browser HD New cipryan The day before yesterday 02:55 1172 xiebt2 The day before yesterday 14:27
Preview [Recorded] Opera mini vrs UC browser .. Icelover 10-12-14 7871 xiebt2 The day before yesterday 11:25
Preview [Share] my review about UC Browser 10.0.2 agree New spv 3 day(s) ago 9204 xiebt2 The day before yesterday 11:11
Preview [Solved] Huawei ascend Y530 attach_img New cipryan 6 day(s) ago 9540 xiebt2 The day before yesterday 10:53
Preview [Solved] Site not opening New mteeli 3 day(s) ago 357 xiebt2 The day before yesterday 10:49
Preview [Share] UC browser and playing java fiiles jda 2-12-14 2313 Anik Islam The day before yesterday 01:35
Preview [Suggestion] Open audio, video & streaming New cristian.pana 4 day(s) ago 2160 cristian.pana 3 day(s) ago
Preview [Suggestion] Add Enable - Disable New beypeople 3 day(s) ago 147 Icy00 3 day(s) ago
Preview [Suggestion] Please support Lastpass autofill on Android UC Browser New moidebe 4 day(s) ago 191 Icy00 3 day(s) ago
Preview [Help] This video isn't playable [YouTube ] attach_img New Adyel@live.com 4 day(s) ago 2110 Icy00 3 day(s) ago
Preview [Recorded] Image viewer zoom New derek10 4 day(s) ago 3125 emul1816f 3 day(s) ago
[Help] A problem... - [Read permissions 170]attachment New Anik Islam 5 day(s) ago 5135 kk_call 4 day(s) ago
Preview [Solved] download New cipryan 5 day(s) ago 3492 kk_call 4 day(s) ago
Preview [Others] Adobe flash player New opreax 5 day(s) ago 1107 kk_call 4 day(s) ago
Preview [Help] little prblm,you can help me. attachment New A Das Ovi 5 day(s) ago 5203 Bond007 4 day(s) ago
Preview [Help] downloads missing list New Bulja 4 day(s) ago 055 Bulja 4 day(s) ago
Preview [Solved] A Small Problem.. attachment New Bond007 7 day(s) ago 7317 Adyel@live.com 5 day(s) ago
Preview [Help] Drop down menu on certain sites not working in Ucweb 10 attach_img New coolimranca 5 day(s) ago 161 Ice He 5 day(s) ago
Preview [Help] Error code -8 in UCBrowser V10.0.1.512 attach_img chandradeepuc 12-12-14 5715 xiebt2 6 day(s) ago
Preview [Help] histry not generate New chashmaa 6 day(s) ago 133 xiebt2 6 day(s) ago
Preview [Help] i need an uc handler Saeed.khan 30-11-14 7421 rafeel mirza 7 day(s) ago
Preview [Help] How can I check to which of my uc id my bookmarks are synced in ucbrowser? Sandhya 12-12-14 3219 emmalqh 7 day(s) ago
Preview [Recorded] UC Material Navedsid 12-12-14 2108 Ashupnk 12-12-14 19:35
Preview [Help] web to pdf Roxx 9-12-14 4305 Icy00 12-12-14 09:45
Preview [Recorded] Emojis and Smileys on Android version attachment Villanela 9-12-14 11314 lstingrid 11-12-14 18:44
Preview [Help] UC football cards not working and search engines Icelover 10-12-14 263 kk_call 10-12-14 11:14
Preview [Solved] UC FOOTBALL CARDS IS THE BEST THING. willionaire 8-12-14 2127 Jeeetu 8-12-14 16:32
Preview [Solved] LOVE THE WHITE BACKGROUND AND THE BLUE LOGO. LOOKS GREAT ON MY WHITE S3 MINI willionaire 8-12-14 0173 willionaire 8-12-14 15:49
Preview [Recorded] Improved in Upload system beypeople 8-12-14 187 Tisherley 8-12-14 15:19
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