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Don't make one to two words replies, like Thanks / it works /  Nice work / More details please / something similar to these. These are strictly not allowed. Instead, you can rate the topic if you like or can post review of application after test.
Don't Ask / Request  in thread (from author or other members) for another application/game's resolution or cracked version, Instead you can ask them by PM or alternately you can post your Request in the Request Thread.
Search first! - If your release was already posted, your thread will be deleted.
Requesting! - For requesting any java application/game, post your request in the Request Thread, not in a new separated thread!
Making Collection! - If you are making Collection thread, Make sure you Should share at least 10 Attachments in one post if using less Description, or minimum 2 or 3 Attachments, if its a large Description.
One thread per app and updates to that app will only be allowed in that thread.
One thread per game. If more resolution update existing thread.
Index Thread! - Updated version & release notes are to be announced as a reply and first post needs to have an index of all the replies that contains updated apps.
Always use this standard format!  - Make sure that when you are posting a release, to do it with the following format:
        Thread Title : [Platform] Application name (Version)
        First post must contain:
        Requirements : Java
        Overview/Description : Post description in detail here
        Screenshots : Post screenshots of the shared file, maximum 6 screenshots.
        Links to replies in the same thread containing updated versions
                Update replies must be in this format:        
                        Reply #3:  v2.2.9: Post what is new in this release
                        Reply #7:  v2.3.0: Post what is new in this release


Extensions allowed in this Section are:
                - Package                 : .jar, .jad
                - Image                    : .jpg, .png, .gif
                - Theme                    : .nth, .thm
                - Compressed           : .zip, .rar
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Preview [S60/S40 Games(J.)] [gameloft]Spider-Man: Ultimate Power hacked by 786shubham heatlevel agree 786shubham 8-3-14 163121 arifpb331 Yesterday 14:18
Preview [Java Games] [HOT]Vampires Dawn: Deceit of Heretics(RPG java game for all resulation) attach_img l-._prince_.-l 21-8-12 101862 sohailhsn Yesterday 04:17
Preview [Java Games] UFO Afterlight Action Java Game for All Resolutions attach_img Sk.HoSsAiN 18-6-12 1884 antu11 Yesterday 02:53
Preview [Themes] Ipl7 schedule theme attachment New guna508 Yesterday 01:24 090 guna508 Yesterday 01:24
Preview [Java Apps] 2GO UPDATE attachment New Mvikrant97 Yesterday 00:19 1139 maajeed80 Yesterday 01:13
Preview [Java Apps] BENGALI SMS SENDER attachment New deep2690 Yesterday 00:36 066 deep2690 Yesterday 00:36
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] Blaast v1.1.35 (Push Notification Enabled) abdultauhid9 11-4-14 4326 abdultauhid9 The day before yesterday 21:11
Preview [Themes] CW theme for nokia 240x320 attachment New taosif7 3 day(s) ago 2177 noyen The day before yesterday 17:06
Preview [Java Apps] [HOT]Script editor 1.5.3 translated by me attachment agree New Nutan 7 day(s) ago 2276 berhe19 The day before yesterday 16:32
Preview [Java Apps] SMART MOVIE attachment New deep2690 The day before yesterday 10:58 0202 deep2690 The day before yesterday 10:58
Preview [Java Games] POKEMON MODS MULTISCREEN.HACKED POKE GAMES>CHEATS LINK ADDED agree  ...2 ravipratap95 23-4-12 359497 sandip95 3 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Apps] Mxit 7.1 128x160 minimizable on hacked phones attachment New Mvikrant97 3 day(s) ago 0126 Mvikrant97 3 day(s) ago
Preview [Themes] AshaDroid theme for nokia asha 3xx series by nokiaasha developers attachment agree New palani smartzz 3 day(s) ago 0150 palani smartzz 3 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Games] Need For Speed : Most Wanted (2014) [by EA Mobile] attachment Gamer 13-3-14 82017 Sastra 3 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Games] Zombie Mob Defense Java Game for All Screens attachment agree Sk.HoSsAiN 11-6-12 13141 Prithwish1 3 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Games] {Best Puzzle Game} 2048 Number Puzzle Game (by Vietgamedev & Danh Huynh) New jubaer 6 day(s) ago 4313 jubaer 5 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Apps] Nokia Calculator, convertor and world clock attachment agree Sanjay Malviya 1-1-14 3667 sajal santhosh 5 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Apps] Cricket Run Scorer attachment mjyusuf 22-3-14 1332 mjyusuf 5 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Apps] Stylish-White Embedder translated by me attachment New Rakeshthehero 6 day(s) ago 1202 Albert Jhon 6 day(s) ago
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] MXit v7.1 Latest Official Version attachment agree abdultauhid9 12-4-14 2511 imperfects1 6 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Games] All new super cool action games 2012 (240*320)[updated 5/4/2012]. attach_img heatlevel agree  ...2 uploadmaster 14-2-12 3922362 Kishorwap 6 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Games] [NEW]Flappy Fish(240x320TS) attachment New Aliakram 6 day(s) ago 097 Aliakram 6 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Games] CuteBoy 0.2 : A gameboy emulator for java phones attachment Uchell 6-11-11 124217 Gamer 6 day(s) ago
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] Facebook messanger for asha 3xx series attachment agree palani smartzz 11-4-14 16643 Gamer 6 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Games] JAVA GAME COLLECTION (91 GAMES) attachment agree  ...2345 Sulthan786s 28-6-12 10738032 Gamer 6 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Apps] jar-ebook-maker.jar(my 8th java app) attachment agree Debayan9 15-3-14 6703 Gamer 6 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Apps] m-indicator new version attachment lime80 14-4-14 3304 lime80 6 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Apps] [NEW] Theme creator for nokia s40 with TAKE SCREENSHOTS and PREVIEW option attachment agree jack_9 15-5-13 103849 Gamer 6 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Apps] JMp3Tag (v1.2) [Test] check last post attachment agree  ...234 rajeeshck 3-5-13 908203 Gamer 6 day(s) ago
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] WhatsApp Beta Version (v2.12.21) attachment recommend abdultauhid9 8-4-14 31550 Gamer 6 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Games] Bugs Bunny Rescue Rabbit - Adventure Java Game (by Glu) For Various Screens attach_img agree Sk.HoSsAiN 18-10-12 0598 Sk.HoSsAiN 6 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Games] [NEW]Dark Warrior by Get-Games(240x400) attachment Aliakram 7 day(s) ago 0145 Aliakram 7 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Games] [NEW]Lines(240x320TS) attachment Aliakram 7 day(s) ago 0140 Aliakram 7 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Games] [NEW]Motocross Mania by BaltoroGames(240x320) attachment Aliakram 7 day(s) ago 092 Aliakram 7 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Games] [NEW]The Hunger by m-apps Lab(240x320) attachment Aliakram 7 day(s) ago 076 Aliakram 7 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Games] [NEW]Ninja Shuriken by Kuriboh Lab(240x320TS) attachment Aliakram 7 day(s) ago 058 Aliakram 7 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Games] [NEW]Bad Piggies by Kuriboh Lab(240x320TS) attachment Aliakram 7 day(s) ago 054 Aliakram 7 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Games] [NEW]Snake N' Ladder by m-apps Lab(240x320) attachment Aliakram 7 day(s) ago 0124 Aliakram 7 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Games] [NEW]Brain Boost by m-apps Lab(240x400) attachment Aliakram 15-4-14 069 Aliakram 15-4-14 23:57
Preview [Java Games] [NEW]CJ:Strike Back(240x320TS) attachment Aliakram 15-4-14 074 Aliakram 15-4-14 23:48
Preview [Java Games] [NEW]2048 v1.0.1(240x320TS) attachment Aliakram 15-4-14 083 Aliakram 15-4-14 23:44
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