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Always use this standard format!  - Make sure that when you are posting a release, to do it with the following format:
        Thread Title : [Platform] Application name (Version)
        First post must contain:
        Requirements : Java
        Overview/Description : Post description in detail here
        Screenshots : Post screenshots of the shared file, maximum 6 screenshots.
        Links to replies in the same thread containing updated versions
                Update replies must be in this format:        
                        Reply #3:  v2.2.9: Post what is new in this release
                        Reply #7:  v2.3.0: Post what is new in this release

Extensions allowed in this Section are:
                - Package                 : .jar, .jad
                - Image                    : .jpg, .png, .gif
                - Theme                    : .nth, .thm
                - Compressed           : .zip, .rar
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Preview [Java Apps] Any Modding Xperts For Useful MP3 Cutter | Feature: Easy to Cut/Fade attachment New HellboyOx 19 min. ago 116 HellboyOx 12 min. ago
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] TOI(Times of india) PhoneManagerPro-S40(signed)240x320 touchscreen attachment New Energizer 1 hour(s) ago 019 Energizer 1 hour(s) ago
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] Whatsapp v2.12.43 New Update asha & java platform palani smartzz 31-7-14 7813 emekus 2 hour(s) ago
Preview [Java Apps] Jmp3 Tag Editor for java mobiles[collection] attach_img New palani smartzz 7 hour(s) ago 174 rakii143 2 hour(s) ago
Rewards Preview [Java Apps] Plz help to download wechat:-asha 202 - [Rewards 2 Money] attachment 14cheart 14-8-14 3175 nkashyap 2 hour(s) ago
Preview [Java Apps] Old Java Apps Refresh New Certificate-2014 New Raju2014 11 hour(s) ago 7254 palani smartzz 4 hour(s) ago
Preview [Java Apps] HELP ME! New Nate346 21 hour(s) ago 153 lime80 6 hour(s) ago
Preview [Java Apps] BluetootFTP (signed) from ovi store for java platform New palani smartzz 11 hour(s) ago 4124 palani smartzz 7 hour(s) ago
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] Nokia X2-02 preinstalled contents [apps/collections/gallery/menuapps] Iammilind 17-8-14 3225 rakii143 10 hour(s) ago
Preview [Java Apps] Whatsapp v2.12.40 - For Java Released agree karamjit 22-7-14 11816 Arifshaikh1996 17 hour(s) ago
Preview [Java Apps] i want the wechat 1.9 For S40 New deep2690 20 hour(s) ago 056 deep2690 20 hour(s) ago
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] Can some one fix it attachment New nkashyap Yesterday 23:16 033 nkashyap Yesterday 23:16
Preview [Java Apps] Whatsapp Old Java Version! attachment Imshashankk 29-7-14 121172 Arifshaikh1996 Yesterday 21:44
Preview [Java Apps] Whatsapp beta 2.12.44 attachment Jkmangang 6-8-14 1679 Arifshaikh1996 Yesterday 21:40
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] Whatsapp Beta update 2.12.33 for asha and s40 (supported device only) palani smartzz 29-6-14 5796 Arifshaikh1996 Yesterday 21:24
Preview [Java Apps] All embedder collection attachment New Energizer Yesterday 18:32 2162 doncapable Yesterday 21:14
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] Anyview 3.2.33 Pdf/Doc Reader for s40 attachment Iammilind 12-8-14 9417 Raju2690 Yesterday 20:55
Preview [Java Apps] Uc Browser with Mp3 & 3gp player- File manager- Ringtone Maker- Image viewer attachment deep2690 24-8-14 171975 Energizer Yesterday 16:06
Preview [Java Games] Prehistoric Tribes: A Great Strategy Game rbnkmknr 21-9-12 52391 Prajwal. Yesterday 13:59
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] FakeDroid for asha platform 2.0 [touch series] attach_img palani smartzz 11-7-14 1293 Khadymmyr Yesterday 12:52
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] S40 and Java apps UI Changed - modded [updating....] agree New palani smartzz 5 day(s) ago 13943 palani smartzz Yesterday 10:55
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] X2-02 users kindly share "Notification" if it works in ur phone attach_img Iammilind 12-8-14 20745 Iammilind Yesterday 03:56
Preview [Java Apps] PIANO New vishalpatel1001 The day before yesterday 22:43 095 vishalpatel1001 The day before yesterday 22:43
Preview [Java Games] request New axnblender The day before yesterday 22:27 079 axnblender The day before yesterday 22:27
Preview [Themes] IPHONE THEME & LAUNCHER [LIVE CLOCK, CALENDER,WATER GRASS EFFECT] New Dark light 7 day(s) ago 4238 Dark light The day before yesterday 22:11
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] Smart Talkin Clock s40(signed)240x320 touchscreen New Energizer The day before yesterday 17:08 2138 Energizer The day before yesterday 21:30
Preview [Java Apps] Nokia Notifications v.2.0.11 (Update) Mvikrant97 23-7-14 171285 akshay983 The day before yesterday 16:35
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] NewsHunt for s40(signed)-240x320 New Energizer The day before yesterday 14:23 2105 Energizer The day before yesterday 15:19
Preview [Java Games] Starcraft_ghost(Action) attach_img New Energizer The day before yesterday 10:59 3232 Energizer The day before yesterday 15:09
Preview [Java Apps] J2ME SDK Mobile Pro attach_img agree berhe19 21-8-14 15757 rivolink 3 day(s) ago
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] Bangla Calendar unlimited attachment agree mhkanon 6-11-12 61590 santanu3 3 day(s) ago
Preview [PC Tools] Nokia Security Code Viewer attach_img piyush240693 19-5-13 62068 Muduliashutosh 3 day(s) ago
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] Hike for Nokia 2700 & other S40 devices [Signed]  ...2 Iammilind 7-8-14 341438 Iammilind 3 day(s) ago
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] (updated)Nokia notification enabler S40 v2.0.11 for keypad heatlevel agree  ...2 786shubham 27-2-14 255822 abhra0897 3 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Apps] Request New leotheviking2 4 day(s) ago 080 leotheviking2 4 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Apps] Music player - "China Mobile" attachment  ...2 hatabych_midp1 22-5-13 251987 Energizer 4 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Apps] Uc Browser 9.5 With Music player berhe19 14-8-14 81896 Energizer 4 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Apps] New Virtual KeyPad embedder !!! RRajiBB 7 day(s) ago 17701 blood1995 4 day(s) ago
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] Notifications on screen. New nkashyap 5 day(s) ago 2242 nkashyap 4 day(s) ago
Preview [Java Apps] ram cleaner attachment New karthickkish 5 day(s) ago 3361 spv 5 day(s) ago
Preview [PC Tools] NaviFirm Alternative Available! attachment agree piyush240693 19-5-13 133517 kirans007 5 day(s) ago
Preview [PC Tools] MobiMB for every Nokia phone  ...2 Mvikrant97 22-1-14 352967 kirans007 5 day(s) ago
Preview [PC Tools] java certificateset2 kirans007 24-8-14 3254 kirans007 5 day(s) ago
Preview [Themes] SAMSUNG GALAXY S 2[LIVE & BLUE] Dark light 20-8-14 4244 Dark light 5 day(s) ago
Preview [S60/S40 Apps(J.)] Uc 9-5 Media Player attach_img New Raju2014 5 day(s) ago 1136 Raju2014 5 day(s) ago
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