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Always use this standard format!  - Make sure that when you are posting a release, to do it with the following format:
        Thread Title : [Platform] Application name (Version)
        First post must contain:
        Requirements : Android 1.5+
        Overview/Description : Post description in detail here
        Screenshots : Post screenshots of the shared file, maximum 6 screenshots.
        Links to replies in the same thread containing updated versions
                Update replies must be in this format:        
                        Reply #3:  v2.2.9: Post what is new in this release
                        Reply #7:  v2.3.0: Post what is new in this release
Extensions allowed in this Section are :
                - Package                : .apk
                - Image                    : .jpg, .png, .gif,
                - Compressed        : .zip, .rar
If anyone want to update a thread & found that thread is already locked, just pm any Section/Category moderator or Use report button to reopen that thread
Rules for Sharing android Games
                   * All Android Games/HD Games that Required Additional External Data File(SD Card Data) to Run Strictly Not allowed.
                   * Always Put Proper info about Games in Title Like its Free/Paid/Cracked/Add-free Version.
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Preview [Android App] Facebook (updated check last) attachment agree sergyu 6-8-11 222109 mesleshishe 12 hour(s) ago
Preview [Android App] Cozy Magnifier & Microscope + v1.90 attach_img New mesleshishe 12 hour(s) ago 019 mesleshishe 12 hour(s) ago
Preview [Themes] Voxis Launcher v0.1 attachment mesleshishe 22-7-14 3104 mesleshishe 12 hour(s) ago
Preview [Android App] SomTodo attachment cool_momi 28-1-13 3436 mesleshishe 12 hour(s) ago
Preview [Android App] To-Do Calendar Planner attachment sidwalia427 4-8-13 4186 mesleshishe 12 hour(s) ago
Preview [Android App] 360 Clean Droid 2.0.3 attachment saurabhsrk 15-5-14 1121 mesleshishe 12 hour(s) ago
Preview [Android App] Scanner PDF Full v1.0 attach_img New mesleshishe 12 hour(s) ago 016 mesleshishe 12 hour(s) ago
Preview [Android App] Phone INFO+ ★Samsung★ v1.8.5 Proper attachment mesleshishe 2-6-14 2146 mesleshishe Yesterday 22:42
Preview [Android App] Smart AudioBook Player attachment cool_momi 10-2-13 9810 mesleshishe Yesterday 22:38
Preview [Android App] Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) v3.1.2 attachment agree arjunsah 1-8-13 6507 mesleshishe Yesterday 22:37
Preview [Android App] TurboScan: document scanner v1.2.0 attachment New pathakji Yesterday 22:01 029 pathakji Yesterday 22:01
Preview [Android App] NFC Tools - Pro Edition v1.2 attachment agree mesleshishe 1-6-14 1163 sidwalia427 Yesterday 21:31
Preview [Android App] WaSend Pro - No Ads iDad Labs - July 29, 2014 Communication Rs81.14 attach_img New sidwalia427 Yesterday 21:27 028 sidwalia427 Yesterday 21:27
Preview [Android App] {updated check last} SwiftKey 3 Keyboard by SwiftKey TOP DEVELOPER attachment Prayas007 5-4-12 212135 mesleshishe Yesterday 19:52
Preview [Android App] BusyBox X+ vX+ 31 attach_img New mesleshishe Yesterday 19:31 036 mesleshishe Yesterday 19:31
Preview [Android App] FPse for android Schtruck & LDchen V: 0.11.39[Rooted] Check Last attachment heatlevel  ...2 pgangwani35 15-9-12 252758 mesleshishe Yesterday 19:20
Preview [Android App] aCar - Car Management, Mileage ZoneWalker LLC attachment deadmanreturns 1-6-13 5277 mesleshishe Yesterday 19:18
Preview [Android App] Today Calendar Beta attachment agree Prayas007 1-4-14 4108 mesleshishe Yesterday 19:13
Preview [Android App] Smart Launcher Pro (updated check last post) attachment agree  ...2 mjb 13-9-12 463975 mesleshishe Yesterday 19:09
Preview [Android App] PowerDVD Remote v2.2.1 attach_img New mesleshishe Yesterday 19:06 019 mesleshishe Yesterday 19:06
Preview [Themes] Luxurious Multi Theme v2.58 attachment mesleshishe 21-7-14 149 mesleshishe Yesterday 19:02
Preview [Android App] iSense Music 3D Music Player 1.005 attachment agree mjb 2-2-13 172199 mesleshishe Yesterday 18:59
Preview [Android App] Smart IR Remote for HTC One Color Tiger Apps attachment agree deadmanreturns 24-5-13 181232 mesleshishe Yesterday 18:43
Preview [Android App] My Locker Pro - Custom Lockscreen v1.20 attach_img New mesleshishe Yesterday 18:39 028 mesleshishe Yesterday 18:39
Preview [Android App] WakeVoice ★ vocal alarm clock ADNFX Mobile VERSION: 4.0.5 (Check Last) attachment pgangwani35 16-12-12 17992 mesleshishe Yesterday 18:24
Preview [Android App] High-Speed Camera Plus v2.61 attach_img New mesleshishe Yesterday 18:18 034 mesleshishe Yesterday 18:18
Preview [Android App] Bird Mail PRO Email App v2245.29c Patched attach_img New mesleshishe Yesterday 18:07 013 mesleshishe Yesterday 18:07
Preview [Android App] Math Studio v1.6 attachment agree mesleshishe 16-4-14 1163 mesleshishe Yesterday 17:59
Preview [Android App] WhatsApp+ PLUS v5.20D modded version (Updated) attachment heatlevel agree  ...2 parvatammalli 25-4-13 344923 mesleshishe Yesterday 17:53
Preview [Android App] CCleaner Beta attachment agree Prayas007 4-4-14 9325 mesleshishe Yesterday 17:44
Preview [Android App] Beam Player Pro Audren Teissier VERSION: 2.4 attachment deadmanreturns 2-6-13 3242 mesleshishe Yesterday 17:40
Preview [Android App] Solo Launcher Free 1.0.5 attachment agree  ...2 deadmanreturns 23-5-13 351292 mesleshishe Yesterday 17:38
Preview [Android App] Hide Pictures - Hide It Pro Anuj Tenani - July 28, 2014 Media & Video attach_img New sidwalia427 Yesterday 14:10 031 sidwalia427 Yesterday 14:10
Preview [Android App] WhatsApp Messenger (updated check last) attachment heatlevel agree  ...23456..9 Dr1358 14-4-12 20549241 karamjit Yesterday 09:19
Preview [Android App] #SquareDroid v1.50 Pro attach_img New mesleshishe Yesterday 08:09 042 mesleshishe Yesterday 08:09
Preview [Android App] DiskInfo 3.0.2 attachment cool_momi 28-2-13 4472 mesleshishe Yesterday 07:53
Preview [Android App] FlightBoard v1.4.1 attach_img New mesleshishe Yesterday 07:44 038 mesleshishe Yesterday 07:44
Preview [Android App] Unlock With WiFi Ben Hirashima attachment pgangwani35 2-4-13 2281 mesleshishe Yesterday 07:41
Preview [Android App] City Maps 2Go Pro Offline Maps Ulmon GmbH attachment pgangwani35 9-3-13 91165 mesleshishe Yesterday 07:37
Preview [Live Wallpapers] Space Colony maxelus.net TOP DEVELOPER attachment deadmanreturns 5-6-13 2234 mesleshishe Yesterday 07:32
Preview [Android App] Tweetings for Twitter 2.15.1 attachment heatlevel agree  ...23 cool_momi 5-2-13 6221952 mesleshishe Yesterday 07:28
Preview [Themes] RoyalHD Go Apex Nova Icon Pack v1.0.0 attach_img New mesleshishe The day before yesterday 18:28 061 mesleshishe The day before yesterday 18:28
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