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Author: A.K.10

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Post time: 6-7-16 18:01:09
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“Why is UC browser detected as Firefox by Facebook system?”

   This question came into my mind and I was curious and looking for an answer. That curious boy landed in the land of UC browser fans @ UC Browser Forum I browsed for a while, and I was suddenly hooked in the existing system as a fan of UC browser.

And the most interesting thing happened to me during my initial days was that I was rated -ve ucm by beloved brother Prabodha in my first reply, and asked me to read the rules and regulations. Then I made myself understand all the existing rules and started posting carefully.
During my initial days, UC Forum was undergoing a heavy turmoil. Bro Ligeh and many others retired all of a sudden. Even though I was a junior member at that time, I knew what was happening inside. And I loved to read interesting threads about modding UC browsers; that made me understand their legacies.

Time went by, and Bro @karamjit and beloved Bro @pkb with many others continued to maintain the legacies and glory of the past. After some months, I got an opportunity to join UC Forum team and I joined as a Junior Moderator serving under my beloved friend @Srk Sharukh’s Greatest Fan.. As

As time went by, I was promoted as a Moderator and I tried my best to maintain the sections provided to me.
And those days were the most exciting days of my life.

While I was visiting here daily, I got the opportunity to get in touch with many persons from all over India and other countries which later became friends of mine. Hey (if you read this), I'll never forget our memorable moments shared in our UC forum.

Now, I'm a Retired Moderator and coming here sometimes to see the things and the changes happened.


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saurabhsrk + 40 thanks for mentioning and probodha bro did same to me too :P
Wilf Wong + 50 Thanks for sharing.
A.K.10 + 40 Thanks very much!

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Post time: 6-8-16 00:01:35
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Edited by mmca1971 at 5-8-16 13:11

I was searching on Google for ebooks and from link to link I arrived here.I registered to be able to log in and since then I'm so happy with what I found: lot and lot of ebooks.
Also I found a lot of nice people here which are ready to help any time when you have a problem.(mods, VIP, other members,...)
My only regret is : why I did not find this web site a few years early?
Long life to UC Forum !!

P.S.: I have an open thread: TRIVIA GAMES...see you there !   
Post time: 21-9-16 22:01:44
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hey you all , i have a great experience about this forum . i previously have joined a lot of forums but i was not so consistent as a user but when i joined uc forum i became hooked with this forum . it has provided me everything i wanted , nowadays i enjoy my days uploading and downloading from this lovely forum . i spend long time in this site
ps: Long live this site
Post time: 8-1-17 08:40:15
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It is wonderful. I have been able to download books and folks have instantly responded by uploading books I requested.
Also being able to participate in FreeTalk is opening up windows and giving me the opportunity to write.
Post time: 8-1-17 08:42:01
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apr1 21-9-16 19:01
hey you all , i have a great experience about this forum . i previously have joined a lot of forums  ...

Yeah,I too am getting hooked to UC Forum.
Post time: 6-4-17 23:16:24
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Not a day goes by logging into this wonderful forum since the day I joined it (maybe a year back ) and to be honest one of my fav. hobby I.e reading books brought me here.I m frm one of the remote areas of this globe and it's really hard to get all those books tht u want to read but guess wht Ucforum helped me quench my thirst of wisdom via all those shared ebooks for which I would be indebted throughout my life.
Thank you Ucweb and team.
God bless!
Post time: 27-4-17 16:52:10
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Post time: 29-4-17 21:19:01
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Подскажите пожалуйста в чем вред ананасов?
Post time: 13-5-17 00:01:15
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I'm honestly not even sure what this is- i it just a big spam thread?
Post time: 1-6-17 16:05:38 From the mobile phone
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good friends
Post time: 27-6-17 01:34:00 From the mobile phone
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This is best site so far i know i can boost of java
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