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Hello everybody,
I'm a UCF Member, but I'm really a newbie on how to make a thread, so please be patience with me and my mistakes.
After a failure of "Mindbenders" thread, I will try once more to make an interesting thread, where people will come and participate.
As you saw the new thread name is " TRIVIA GAMES" and will be on the same platform like "Mindbenders" and " Brainteasers": logic questions, quizzes, puzzles,...
So let's start with the rules:


Please read them carefully, because every mistake will result in immediate disqualification for the current games.
If new rules will apply during the competition I will let everybody knows (will be highlighted in yellow).

*Every day (if possible) I will post a new question.
*Questions will be posted from Monday to Friday (bonus for week-end when time permits)
*The faster you answer, the quicker your brain works, the better are the chances to be the lucky winner.
*Winner of today question will be announced next day, just before the new question will be posted.
*The winner need to reply in 24 hours to claim the prize.

**You can submit your answer ONLY via PM to me
**Body of PM must be like that:
    Name: yyy (where "yyy" will be the date when I post the game: e.g Monday 27 Jun 2016)
    Answer: zzz (where "zzz" will be your answer: e.g TARUN)
    Explanation: www (where "www" it's the explanation:e.g  
toilet room (T), art room (A), rest room (R), utility room (U), nursery room (N)

***The winner will get 100 UC money from the section moderator
***First three (3) participants will get
20 UC money
***For five (5) wins in a line a bonus karma will be added

Reply in this thread without permission is strictly prohibited.It may cause warning or temporarily banned.

NOTE for the moderators of "Free Talk" section:
I will work on this new thread with pkb and dev92 only, so please let them decide when to open/modify/closed the thread.If they are too many involved I will get lost and I don't know what to do (see last thread "Mindbenders").However with your experience if you have any advice which can make the thread better please contact me via PM, I will discuss the information with pkb and dev92 and we will decide to follow them or not.
First question tomorrow morning around 8:00 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)



Number of participants 5Karma +12 Money +1000 Collapse Reason
A.K.10 + 4 + 150 Nice work..!
Wilf Wong + 100 Well done!
Dev92 + 3 + 150 Excellent work!
grace + 100 Excellent work!
pkb + 5 + 500 Excellent work!

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1. The currency of Greece from ancient times until 2001, with the symbol, since replaced by the euro (at the rate of 340.751 drachma to the euro).

2. A coin worth one drachma.

3. An Ancient Greek weight of about 66.5 grains.

4. A later Greek weight equal to a gram.


Number of participants 1Money +50 Collapse Reason
pkb + 50 Well done!

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Post time: 19-8-16 21:06:25
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Edited by mmca1971 at 23-8-16 09:57

Friday 19 Aug 2016

New rules (see page 1 of the thread)

What number should replace the question mark?

2. What number should replace the question mark?

3. What number should replace the question mark?

4. What number should replace the question mark?

5. What number should replace the question mark?

6. How many lines appear below?

7. What number should replace the question mark?

8. What number should replace the question mark?

9. Which number is the odd one out? 84129, 32418, 47632, 36119, 67626, 72927
What number should replace the question mark?

Good luck !!
Post time: 28-6-16 19:45:40
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Tuesday 28 Jun 2016
The same pair of letters can be inserted side by side into each of these four words, forming a new word each time.What pair of letters is it?

Good luck!

Post time: 29-6-16 19:03:48
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Because we don't have a winner for yesterday puzzle, I decide to  give another 24 hours before to reveal the answer. Also the prize will raise at 50 money for this puzzle only. Please don't be shy and try anything you think...

Good luck!
Post time: 29-6-16 23:48:44
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As up to know still no winner, I decide to make it easy and to let you know one of the letter.Be careful because I did not specify if is the first or second from the pair...it's up to you to decide.
Letter: C

Good luck!
Post time: 30-6-16 19:47:26
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Edited by mmca1971 at 5-7-16 09:48
OK...it's time to announce the winner

Tuesday 28 Jun 2016
Answer: CH

The winner is !!!!  

other participants are:
  • shreeshabhat
  • zebber
  • K.D.N

!!!! please write something about DRACHMA to get reward.You can post direct on the thread (this time only).

Post time: 30-6-16 19:54:51
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Thursday 30 Jun 2016
Work from square to adjacent square horizontally or vertically (but not diagonally) to spell out a 12-letter word.You must find the starting point and provide the missing letters.


Good luck !
Post time: 1-7-16 20:20:32
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Edited by mmca1971 at 5-7-16 09:49
OK...it's time to announce the winner

Thursday 30 Jun 2016
Answer: P and S

The winner is K.D.N  

other participants are:

K.D.N please define PROFESSIONAL to get reward. You can post direct on the thread (this time only)
Post time: 1-7-16 20:47:19
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Edited by mmca1971 at 1-7-16 08:48

Friday 1 Jul 2016

1.A farmer had 12 sheep and 3 cows. All of the animals except 9 sheep died. How many animals did he have left in his farm?
* 5 cows and 1 sheep
* none
* 9 sheep
* 2 cows
2.It lives without a body, hears without ears, speaks without a mouth, and is born in air
3.I don't speak, I cannot hear, but I always tell the truth.
* the watch
* fish
* old granny
* the mirror
4.What does this equation stand for: 365 = "D of the Y".
5.Can a Roman Catholic man from California marry his widow's sister who is from Texas?
* Yes
* No
6.A doctor and a boy were walking in a park. The doctor called the boy "my son" but the boy didn't call the doctor "father". To the boy, who was the doctor?
7.How does this proverb continue: "The squeaking wheel gets ... "
* the grease
* removed
* the broken
* the rust
8.This name has a meaning both as a noun and an adjective. As a noun it is something you usually eat on a bun. As an adjective it is a synonym for honest.
9.An old man was looking at a photograph of a young man. Somebody asked him who it was. The man's answer was the following: "Brothers and sisters, I have none. But that man's father is my father's son." Who was in the photograph?
* his nephew
* his cousin
* his grandfather
* his son
10.If there are 3 apples on the table and you take 2 of them, how many will you have?

Good luck !
Post time: 1-7-16 20:49:47 From the mobile phone
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1. Relating to or belonging to a profession.

2. A person engaged or qualified in a profession.


Number of participants 1Money +25 Collapse Reason
Dev92 + 25 Congratulations

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Post time: 4-7-16 19:30:46
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OK...it's time to announce the winner

Friday 1 Jul 2016
1.Actually only 9 sheep left alive. All other animal incuding the cows, died.
2.The echo has no body, it has no ears, but stil can "hear" and "reply" without a mouth. And of course it is born in air.
3.The mirror
4.365 is the number of the Days of the Year.
5.The fact that his wife is a widow, means that he is dead.
6.His mother
7.The squeaking wheel gets the grease. So this probably means that if you want something, you don't have to just wait in silence.
9.The father of the young man on the photograph is the old man himself.
10.Two apples

The winner is K.D.N   

other participants are:
-shreeshabhat (9/10)
-!!!! (10/10)

K.D.N please write something about ECHO to get reward.You can post direct on the thread (this time only)

Post time: 4-7-16 19:44:38
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Monday 4 Jul  2016

Backwards I am heavy, but forward I am not.
2.If you were running a race and passed the person in second place, what place would you be in?
* 3rd
* 2nd
* out of the race
* 1st
3.What 3 letters change a boy into a man?
4.The more I dry, the wetter I get.  What am I?
5.What number comes next: 1, 11, 21, 1211, 111221, 312211, 13112221?
* 1113213211
* 11221311
* 31221113112221
* 131122211211
6.I'm white in color.  They use me for cutting and grinding. When I'm damaged, humans usually remove me or fill me.
7.Whats the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of every end and the end of every race?
8.The one who makes it, usually sells it.
The one who buys it, never uses it personally.
The one that uses it never knows that he's using it.
9.You hug me and hold me. You talk to me, but I never reply. I have a mouth, but cannot speak; I have ears, but cannot hear. Still, I am usually the first best friend in your life. What am I?
10.People climb me, cut me and burn me - they show no respect. My rings are not golden, but do tell my age.

Good luck !

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1. a sound or sounds caused by the reflection of sound waves from a surface back to the listener.

2. a sound be repeated or reverberate after the original sound has stopped.

3. a sound that is heard after it has been reflected off a surface such as a wall or a cliff.

4. a person who slavishly repeats the words or opinions of another.


Number of participants 1Money +100 Collapse Reason
pkb + 100 Well done!

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Post time: 5-7-16 19:37:48
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OK..it's time to announce the winner.

Monday 4 Jul 2014
A ton is a lot of weight.
2.You just passed the person in second place, so you are now second!
4.Towerl.I dry other stuff, but get wetter myself.
5.1113213211.Starting with the second number, every number describes (or reads) the one before it: One One Two Ones One Two One One, etc.
6.Teeth.Teeth are used for cutting and grinding.  When they get damaged we usually have them taken out or fillied.
7.Letter "e".
9.Teddy bear.Kids hug and hold teddy bears, they talk to them. Teddy bears are many kids' first best friends.

The winner is K.D.N.  

Other participanta are:
-!!!! (10/10)

K.D.N please write definition of AGE to get reward.You can post direct on the thread (this time only)

Post time: 5-7-16 19:50:03
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Edited by mmca1971 at 5-7-16 10:07

Tuesday 5 Jul 2016

How could you give someone $63 using six bills, without using one dollar bills?
2.What word from group B belongs to group A and why?
3.Something extraordinarily unusual happened on the 6th of May, 1978 at 12:34 p.m.  What was it?
4.A worm is at the bottom of a forty meter hole. It cancrawl upwards at a rate of four meters in a day, but at night, it slips back three meters. At this rate, how long will it take the worm to crawl out of the hole?
5.An old beggar collects cigarette ends from ashtrays and sidewalks and uses the tobacco to roll her own cigarettes. She has this practice down to a fine art, knowing it will take seven cigarette ends to make one cigarette. Since she has collected 49 ends, how many cigarettes can she make from these and why?
6.Justin Summers walks up and down a hill which is six kilometers for a round trip. His dog being slower, walks at half the speed. When Justin reaches the top of the hill he turns around and walks down meeting his dog part way. Justin continues walking to the bottom of the hill at the same speed. The dog follows him, also maintaining his original speed. How far did the dog walk?
7.Picture a ship at anchor. Over the side hangs a rope ladder with half a meter rungs. The tide rises a half meter per hour. At the end of five hours, how much of the ladder will remain above the water assuming the nine rungs were above water when the tide began to rise?
8.Gloria opened her own clothing store called "The Wrap". She wasn't sure about pricing certain items so she devised her own method. At "The Wrap" a vest costs $20, socks cost $25, a tie costs $15 and a blouse costs $30. Using Gloria's pricing scheme, how much would a pair of underwear cost?
9.In the "Strange" family, each daughter  has the same number of brothers as she has sisters. Each son has twice as many sisters as he has brothers. How many sons and daughters are in the family?
10.What is a five letter word in the English language whose pronunciation isn't changed by removing four of its letters?

Good luck!

Post time: 6-7-16 21:04:50
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OK...it's time to announce the winner.

Tuesday 5 Jul 2016
1.(1 x 50$) x (1 x 5$) x (4 x 2$) = 63$
Tower. Tower and all the words in group A can be preceeded by the word water.
At that moment, the time and day could be written as: 12:34, 5/6/78
4. 37 days. At the end of day one the worm would be at the one meter mark. At the end of the 35th day the worm would be at the 35   meter mark. On the 36th day the worm travels from 35 meters to 39 meters but slips back to 36 meters at the end of the 36th day. On the 37th day, the worm travels up four meters from the 36th meter and is consequently out of the hole.
Eight. She makes seven cigarettes from the 49 ends, and then she is able to make one more from the seven she has just smoked.
Four Kilometers. When Justin reaches the top of the hill, he will have walked 3 kilometers, and his dog will be half-way up, or a kilometer and a half. Justin then turns around and walks back, but his dog continues walking up the hill until they meet. They will meet at the 2 kilometer point. The dog will turn around at this point and follow Justin down the hill completing the four kilometer stroll.
Nine rungs will be above the water. As the tide rises, so too will the ship and the ladder.
$45. The pricing scheme Gloria devised consists of charging $5 for each letter required to spell the item.
There are four daughters and three sons.
The word is ""Queue", which is pronounces Q.

The winner is JALAJ79924  

other participants:
*Pratyay Dutta (5/10)

JALAJ79924 please write something about WATER TOWER to get reward.You can post direct on the thread (this time only)

Post time: 6-7-16 21:24:14
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Edited by mmca1971 at 6-7-16 10:21

Wednesday 6 Jul 2016

1. Mr. Black, Mr. Gray, and Mr. White are fighting in a truel. They each get a gun and take turns shooting at each other until only one person is left. Mr. Black, who hits his shot 1/3 of the time, gets to shoot first. Mr. Gray, who hits his shot 2/3 of the time, gets to shoot next, assuming he is still alive. Mr. White, who hits his shot all the time, shoots next, assuming he is also alive. The cycle repeats. If you are Mr. Black, where should you shoot first for the highest chance of survival?
Dan Manly was revisiting his home town when an old friend called. "Hey, Dan, how have you been? It must be 15 years since we last saw each other. " "At least that," replied Dan. "I've been keeping well, but tell me about yourself." Dan's friend answered, "I'm married now but to someone that you wouldn't know. By the way, this is my daughter." Dan looked down at the little girl and asked her name. "It's the same as my mother's," the little girl replied. "Then I bet your name is Susan," said Dan. How could he know?

Good luck!

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Water Tower is a tower supporting an elevated water tank, whose height creates the pressure required to distribute the water through a piped system.


Number of participants 1Money +100 Collapse Reason
Dev92 + 100 Congratulations

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OK...it's time to announce the winner

Wednesday 6 Jul 2016
1. He should shoot at the ground. If Mr. Black shoots at the ground, it is Mr. Gray's turn.Mr. Gray would shoot at Mr. White than Mr. Black, because he is better.If Mr. Gray kills Mr. White, it is just Mr. Black and Mr. Gray left, giving Mr. Black a fair chance of winning. If Mr. Gray does not kil Mr. White, it is Mr. White's turn.He would rather shoot at Mr. Gray and will definitely kill him.Even tought it is now Mr. Black against Mr. White, Mr. Black has a better chance of winning than before.  
2. She said her name was the same as her mother's. Dan's friend is not a man, but the mother of the little girl, Susan.

The winner is Sensible_One  

other participants:

*JALAJ79924 (2/2)

Sensible_One please give definition of TRUEL to get reward.You can post direct on the thread (this time only)

Post time: 7-7-16 20:07:46
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Thursday 7 Jul 2016

0 0 0 = 6
1 1 1 = 6
2 2 2 = 6
3 3 3 = 6
4 4 4 = 6
5 5 5 = 6
6 6 6 = 6
7 7 7 = 6
8 8 8 = 6
9 9 9 = 6
You can use any mathematical symbols in the space provided to make all above algebraic expressions true.

I can make the number one gone by adding something to it.  Can you ?

Good luck !

Post time: 8-7-16 19:51:58
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OK...it's time to announce the winner

Thursday 7 Jul 2016

1.(0! + 0! + 0! )! =6
  (1! + 1! + 1! )! =6
  2 + 2 + 2 = 6
  3 * 3 - 3 = 6
  4 + 4 -sqrt(4) = 6
  5 + 5 / 5 = 6
  6 + 6 - 6 = 6
  7 - 7 / 7 =6
  8 - sqrt(sqrt(8+8)) = 6
  (9 + 9) / sqrt(9) = 6

2.Yes, by adding 'G' to 'One'
G + One => Gone

The winner is warez679  

warez679 please give definition of FACTORIAL (!) to get reward.You can post direct on the thread (this time only)

Post time: 8-7-16 20:12:56
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Edited by mmca1971 at 8-7-16 08:14

Friday 8 Jul 2016

What other common name is used for the Red Panda, which is endemic to the Himalayas in India, as well as to China, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar?
*red mongoose
*red cat
*asian koala
2.What large mammal is the national animal of India?
*indian rhinoceros
*indian elephant
*water buffalo
*bengal tiger
3.What type of Indian animals are included in the so-called Big Four selection?
*poisonous snakes
*most dangerous animals
*largest land animals
*largest insects
4.What interesting physical feature does the Nicobar Bulbul, endemic to the Nicobar Islands of India, possess?
*it has a bright red beak
*its eyes are purple
*it has a dark"cap" on its head
*its tail is very long and yellow
5.What does the Indian Pangolin, found in India and Sri Lanka, feed on?
*leaves and grasses
*small reptiles
6.The Bonnet Macaque is a primate endemic to southern India. What does the animal express by pulling back its upper lip and showing its upper teeth?
7.Which of these statements is not true about the Indian Elephant?
*it has larges ears than the African elephant
*it has a smaller trunk than the African elephant
*all of these
*its abdomen is quite large compared to its skull, unlike African elephants
8.What interesting resting posture does the Indian Treeshrew, a.k.a. Madras Treeshrew, have?
*cuddling its rear legs
*with its tail resting on its head
*sprawling on the ground as if it's dead
*hanging upside down from a branch
9.What type of animal is the Indian Flying-fox, found in India, Bangladesh, China, and other parts of Asia?
10.The bear species Melursus ursinus, commonly known as Lip Bear, and found in India, Nepal, Pakistan, etc., was originally considered a species of this other animal.
*all of these

Good luck !

Post time: 9-7-16 00:48:18
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A factorial is a function that multiplies a number by every number below it


Number of participants 1Money +100 Collapse Reason
Dev92 + 100 Congratulations

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Post time: 11-7-16 19:57:04
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OK...it's time to announce the winner

Friday 8 Jul 2016
1.Firefox.The animal is also called Lesser Panda. Just like the Giant Panda, it is specialized in eating bamboo. The scientific name of the Firefox, Ailurus fulgens, means 'shining cat'. The animal was called Firefox because of its resemblance to a fox, and its orange-brownish coloration.
2.Bengal tiger.The Bengal tiger is also called Royal Bengal tiger. It is considered the second largest tiger subspecies after the Siberian tiger. It populates mainly India and Bangladesh. Unlike lions, which live in groups called prides, tigers are solitary animals and the male does not take part in raising the young.
3.Poisonous snakes.The Big Four includes the Indian cobra, the Common krait, the Russell's viper and the Saw-scaled viper. These snakes are considered the most dangerous in South Asia as they have caused more deaths than any other snake species. The king cobra is another extremely venomous snake from the region.
4.It has a dark "cap" on its head.The Nicobar Bulbul is a dark green songbird, with yellow on its throat and underside. It has a specific, chattering call, similar to that of the Black Bulbul. It lives only on the Nicobar Islands.
5.Insects.The Indian Pangolin is able to curl itself into a ball when it feels threatened. It also has protective scales on its body. It eats ants and termites, which it digs out of their mounds.
6.Fear.The Bonnet Macaque has a large range of gestures. One of the most interesting sounds it produces is the 'lip smacking'. Its name comes from the hair on its head which is shaped like a bonnet.
7.All of these.The Indian Elephant has a larger trunk, broader skull, smaller ears and a smaller abdomen than the African Elephant. Females have no tusks and are smaller. They are nomadic animals, moving from one place to another within a few days.
8.With its tail resting on its head.
The Madras Treeshrew populates the hill forests of central and southern India. It is most often seen on the ground, searching for insects and seeds to feed on. It marks its territory with the scent glands on its throat.
9.Bat.The Indian Flying-fox is a very large bat species. Its wing span is between 4 and 5 feet (1.2 and 1.5 meters). Being a nocturnal animal, its diet consists of fruits such as mangoes and bananas. It sometimes forms colonies of hundreds of individuals.
10.Sloth.This is the reason why the animal is also called Sloth Bear. It has long brown to black fur, a long snout with bare lips. The bear does not have upper incisor as its diet consists mainly of insects. It is an omnivorous animal which also feeds on tubers, fruits, grains, honey, eggs, birds, flowers, and meat.

The winner is shreeshabhat  

Shreeshabhat please write something about BENGAL TIGER to get reward.You can post direct on the thread (this time only)

Post time: 11-7-16 20:01:52
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Monday 11 Jul 2016

Harold Bird married a widow. At the time they each had children of their own. Thirteen years later the Bird kids got into a heated argument. Mrs. Bird exclaimed to Mr. Bird, "Your children and my children are fighting with our children!" Each parent is directly related to nine of the 12 children in the Bird family. How many children were born after Mr. and Mrs. Bird were married?

2.A man left home one morning. He turned right and ran straight ahead. Then he turned left. After awhile, he turned left again, running faster than ever. Then he turned left once more and decided to go home. In the distance he could see two masked men waiting for him. Who were they?

Good luck!

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