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[Share] [Today] UC Forum Talk is Completed !!!

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Post time: 5-8-16 16:15:27
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UC Forum Talk is Back !!!

Welcome @Pedro_P Bro !!!

Timing: 09:30am GMT to 10:30 GMT
(3:00pm IST to 4:00pm IST)
click here

Almost each one of Old Members Would have heard of UC Talk and Forum Talk and participated there in the question hour.
It was specialized for Official Staffs and Honored Member as an interview.

But we are here, this week for restarting of Forum Talk, for our loved UCers!
Because we believe Communication is the first step towards Friendship.
Moreover, it can help you to know a lots of things about a member.
When it will take place?
Well, the 1st episode is On Saturday, 13th of August, 2016
Timing: 09:30am GMT to 10:30 GMT
(3:00pm IST to 4:00pm IST)
To Start with the show will take place once in a month to honour our loved members.

There is a little reward in form of money who will be participating in the show.
So to Start Let's Welcome:

Username: Pedro_P
UID: 112371
Education: Masters Degree
Know More:
UC Forum Member Since : 20 May 2012

1. Antique Clock Collection (Has 23 of them with oldest of 1938)
2. Collection of Fountain Pens
3. DXing
is the hobby of receiving and identifying distant radio or television signals, or making two way radio contact with distant stations in amateur radio, citizens' band radio or other two way radio communications.)
4. Trekking (A few times in a year)
5. Visit Beaches
6. Horse Racing
So Prepare your questions! Know more about him!
No limitation to the questions, ask him whatever you want!
Wish we`ll have a great talk and enjoy the one hour together!
NOTE:- As a special dispensation for users who want to join but have no time, they can leave there questions Now , and Pedro_P will answer those questions too when talk starts!!!

Check All Episodes of UC Talk and Forum Talk -
Click (Mobile Link)
Click (PC Link)

Prizes to include :FREE RECHARGES !!! (Starting from next month depending on Participation)


UC Money
Please Note : The UC talk will be in Ebook section ( as participation very low in free talk)  in  UC talk it will be in Ebook section here is the link, ( as the interviewee have a good reputation there and friends from ebook section have great enthusiasm)
Post time: 5-8-16 18:58:25 From the mobile phone
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time: 5-8-16 19:16:13
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oh dang, i'm at work, sorry pedro bro. i wish you get assaulted with questions buddy =)) good luck.


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84 Reg + 20 Me too !!

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Post time: 6-8-16 11:45:37
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Pedro! i if i had enough time i would have asked you so many questions, I wish you the best and thank you for your hard work


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84 Reg + 10 You can still ask the questions just like @9393 !!

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Post time: 8-8-16 00:38:15
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so, why no uc talk? did someone forgot, or what?
Post time: 8-8-16 00:41:10 From the mobile phone
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sergyu 7-8-16 21:38
so, why no uc talk? did someone forgot, or what?

Well, its in 13th August so...still a few days to go. ;)
Post time: 8-8-16 02:15:42
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now i read, i mean, why on tuesday? then i will be night shift so i can ask him a few questions.
Post time: 13-8-16 17:08:15
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Welcome @Pedro_P Bro !!!

Timing: 09:30am GMT to 10:30 GMT
(3:00pm IST to 4:00pm IST)

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Post time: 13-8-16 17:29:03
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Welcome Pedro_P Bro to UC Chat !!!
Anyone any questions??
Post time: 13-8-16 17:32:42
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Befor others come I have a question Bro whenevr is see you are Online in Forum!! When do you sleep??
Post time: 13-8-16 17:44:16
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9393 5-8-16 15:58
Unfortunately I don't have time for the talk.  So here are my questions for @Pedro_P bro:
What cit ...

These are my answers:
1. For reasons of my work and business, I live in Viña del Mar in Chile, but usually travel to Peru for family reasons. (Chile and Peru are neighboring countries and both are in South America on the Pacific Ocean side, I'm on the other side of the world).
2. I do not watch much TV, but when I do... I like movies based on real facts and preferably genre thriller/horror... I also like documentaries and political agendas of local and international reality. Among watch TV, listen to the radio and read a book... I prefer listening to the radio and read a book.
3. For obvious reasons, I can not say publicly my real full names... However, I can say that one of my names, is actually Pedro, it is a Castilian name and its equivalent in the English language is "Peter".
4. I am an older person, personally I consider myself old... I was born in the year of 1975.
5. I like classical music, but also jazz, electronic music, pop, rock, chill out, house, also spanish music such as flamenco and I have also had the opportunity to listen to music from India, China and other countries... In general, I appreciate the music as a unifying cultural expression, music is universal.
6. No, I have no brothers or sisters, I come from a very small family who can count on the fingers of one of my hands.
7. I've only had good experiences in the UC-Forum, here I have met very valuable and interesting people, all them always willing to share their knowledge and to have enriching and interesting conversations.
8. English is not my native language, Spanish yes... My language skills Spanish is advanced, however, do not use English to speak, only to read and write as in this case... Like all languages, to speak them well, it takes a lot of practice and constant effort. Interestingly, the most spoken language in the world is Chinese, the second most spoken language is Spanish, and English is third, but English is a business language, linguistically has certain limitations. But it is a good language to facilitate communication allows because it is almost universal. Learn English in these times, it is necessary.
Thank you for your questions @9393.
Post time: 13-8-16 18:20:06 From the mobile phone
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What do you want from life @Pedro_P sir?
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