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[Suggestion] enhance reading in uc

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Post time: 14-12-16 15:56:54
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i spend maximum of my time reading in uc browser.save page is great for me as i can save pages and read later without worry of internet connection.
here are my some suggestion which ca enhance reading in uc .
1.position of SAVE PAGE add on:
to save page u need to go to setting >>addon>>scroll to save page>>save page.
its a long process to do and i save nearly 30 to 40 pages so its get annoying.
it will be great if we can customize refesh botton near url.
we can choose in setting if we want refresh or screen shot or save page.
as we alredy have refesh option twice 1.near url and in setting .
and we get error we also get refesh option on page so there is no need to present that many refresh option as we hardly need to use it that many time.
it will be great addition to browser as we can take screen shot much easier to takeand will give more option to choose.

2. SAVE PAGE add on:
there is some more option needed in save page add on.
as i save nearly 30 to 40 page daily it is hard to delete one by one as there is no multi select option.
it will be great if there was sort option so i can sort it by name as cuurently we can only sort by time.

3.read mode :
i know there is night mode.well in redmi mobile there is read mode which is great for reader.
it will be great if it got added in uc.

i really like uc browser as it give great experence of reading and do great effort to make it more better for user.

thnx for   all this.
Post time: 14-12-16 16:57:50
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Thanks for your feedback, dear~

Pls do not worry, sir~ We have recorded and reported your suggestions to our tech team. They will try their best to optimize the browser. Hope that you can kindly understand.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

Have a nice day~
Post time: 14-1-17 12:38:47
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Support the building
Post time: 14-1-17 16:27:36
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The big bad Wol 14-1-17 12:38
Support the building

Hi friend,
you mean you need the save page option in uc browser,too?if yes,plz no worries that our tech team have got such need of our users and will try best to optimize it in future versions~or if you don't mean that,you can offer us more info to help you better.
wait for your reply~have good day
Post time: 5-2-17 14:31:11
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i want save page option to be availabe at side of refresh(option in stetting)   i.e easy access to it in browser. right now u have to go many steps    to open save page.
and if u save many pages than its get annoying.
and there are many option lacking in save page add on mention above.
Post time: 5-2-17 16:54:38
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vikaskumawat 5-2-17 14:31
i want save page option to be availabe at side of refresh(option in stetting)   i.e easy access to i ...

Thanks for your feedback, dear~

Sorry for the trouble, sir~ Pls do not worry, sir~ Our tech team have got your suggestions and are working hard to optimize save page option. Hope that you can kindly understand.

Have a nice day~
Post time: 4-4-17 11:10:15
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it feels really sad when you cant find u r suggestion implemented for too long,if its a good one.i think it would be great if we get msg that our suggestion is not possible to implement,otherwise it get my hopes up every time i upgrade uc browser to find nothing new.it demoralize to give suggestion as u feel it will just get ignored. for me uc browser was  the only browser which i will use and recommended my friends to use but now even i dont feel like it as it give update without anything new,its like u can use old uc and wont find nothing much difference.
i think uc browser is great browser and it should get proper support rather than only bug fix only as it can still improve.
uc news is getting so much attention and all this event that i think uc browser is left out.
thank you for great product like uc browser and i wish it will get attention what it deserve.
Post time: 4-4-17 16:44:43
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vikaskumawat 4-4-17 11:10
it feels really sad when you cant find u r suggestion implemented for too long,if its a good one.i t ...

Hi, dear bro~

thanks for your great supporting~

we really attach great importance to every user's suggestion, but there are so many things that our tech team need to deal with, it will take some time, hope you can kindly understand. And we will try our best to optimize the browser to bring a better surfing experience for every user.
have a nice day~and so sorry for the inconvenience again~
Post time: 5-7-17 00:30:40
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still waiting
Post time: 5-7-17 17:56:30
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Hi dear~

For your problem, we've added Save Page option when you long press the website so you can find it~~ Plz have a check~~ It makes it easier to operate right?

As for the read mode function, our tech team will make assessment for it too. Hope you kindly understand~~

Wonderful day~
Post time: 16-8-17 00:53:19
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Edited by vikaskumawat at 16-8-17 00:54

Sorry for late reply. I checked new implementation of feature and still found  same problem. I will update reply with img once i find how to do so.
Save page feature is added separately but it still have same problem.
U cant open directly open savr page and in webpage its not sorted by latest added page.whereas in save page add on page are arranged in last added page.
In webpage menu u have manage option with which u can select multiple page but as they r all arrange randomly so u have to search and select. It does not have sort options maintion in my post.
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