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[Announcement] ABOUT THE EBOOKS SECTION - Please read before continuing (Updated 08-2017)

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Please, take a look HERE

Users of the eBooks section are notified of follows:

Publication of threads containing duplicate eBooks from other threads previously published by other users is not allowed. If, in addition to duplication, pricing has been applied to the attachments contained in the thread, then the following penalty will be execute:

(-5 UC money of basic penalty) ╋ (Minus the total profits obtained from the sale of the attached files) ╋ (-3 points for the elimination of the duplicate thread)

The resulting total of this operation will be deducted from the total of UC money that owns the user and will adds a warning too.

When the duplicate thread is priceless for downloading attachments, (-5 UC money of basic penalty) ╋ (-3 UC money) will discount and a warning will apply due to deletion of thread.

Please avoid deliberate duplication of threads and eBooks, users are advised to use the suggested search options in the Quick Guide of the section before publishing any eBook.

Do you want to earn more UC-money and Karma?(*) ★

You can participate in the following activities:

★ Short Storyteller Activity Started★

MOBILE view    ■    PC view

(*) Only active activities are listed.
A Quick Guide has been developed as a reference for our users. Please, see our Quick Guide below and take a few minutes to read it carefully. PC view

Presentation of a new Thread of request.

A new request thread for eBooks of Kindle Unlimited has been created. We invite users to take a look and make their request for eBooks of Kindle Unlimited. This special request thread will be available for a limited time.
MOBILE viewPC view

Important notice: This request thread is temporarily closed for review and evaluation, please refer to our general request thread.

■■■■■     RECOMMENDATION     ■■■■■

Please, users are advised to respond to requests for eBooks in the Request Thread created for that purpose that, when it is a request for a new eBook that is not in the section, publish directly through of a new thread in the eBook section, and when you replying to that request in the main Thread of Request, do so only consigning the link to the new eBook published in the section.

The purpose of this recommendation is to order the Request Thread and to allow new eBooks to be easily located in the section by who needs them.

〓 〓 〓 〓 〓 NEW NOTICE 〓 〓 〓 〓 〓
Our users are informed that as of May 8, 2017, uploading files to the forum is allowed through different file hosting sites. Please read carefully the conditions and recommendations established for such a situation.

Source: [Announcement] Every hosting site is now allowed in UC Forum.
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MOBILE view     ●     PC view

about give "Thanks":
MOBILE view     ●     PC view

NOTES to remember:
► Old simple "Thanks" could be deleted without warning.
► Please, do not need give "thank" or repeat same irrelevant comments and answers, again and again.
► Please, before posting your request or posting any ebook, use the 'Search' option.
► Please, it is not allowed to chat on the threads. Any questions/request/observation you have about a particular post, do your questions/request/observation sending a PM to the author of the post.


▼ You should avoid creating separate threads for your requests, you make your requests through the thread created for that purpose.

MOBILE view     ●     PC view

⑴ The exceptions to the rules are not allowed. Any questions you have, please contact the Moderators responsible for the eBooks section through a PM (84 Reg)



> February 2017

We express our gratitude to those users who have voluntarily deleted their unnecessary "Thanks" in the posts.
However, as it has been established, we will proceed to delete all comments and answers irrelevant and "Thanks" that still remain, from today and during the following days. If you notice that your answers have been deleted for no reason, the unspoken reason then is, that it will most certainly be the removal of those unnecessary "Thanks" that you may not remember having performed.
We hope that we all know how to understand and appreciate the need and importance of keeping the section organized.
One way to explain unnecessary "Thanks" is that they are equivalent to receiving a book full of doodles. You will appreciate reading a clean book.
Thereafter, any unnecessary "Thanks" will be removed without any notice and the penalties established in the section use regulations will apply.

► Note: Please, before making a claim for any answer or comment that has been removed, we invite you to carefully read the regulations of the section... The answers and explanations you seek about that situation are there.

Thanks to all for your help and understanding.


> January 2017
All users in the eBooks section are notified of the following:

Because many users are ignoring the recommendations and rules of use in this section, about: giving simple, unnecessary, redundant, and repetitive "Thanks".
All users who have committed the aforementioned infraction are asked to voluntarily delete those "Thanks". A reasonable period of one week has been established so that the users can help us order the section, which expires on 31 January. After that, we will proceed to delete without any warning, any comment or response that does not respect the criteria established in the rules of the section.
Please, we strongly urge you to follow the rules of the section. If you would like to thank users who publish and share eBooks, do so through a private message (PM) and it would be much better if you award Rating to the publications made.

► Note: Without opposing the established, the users are free to publish your comments, opinions and reviews only about the ebooks that you have read. All comments and opinions that enrich the posts of users who share ebooks are welcome.
Please help us keep the eBooks section tidy and neat so everyone can enjoy it pleasantly.


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QUICK GUIDE. (Update July-2017)

Editado por Pedro_P en 8-7-17 04:57

Quick Guide for users of the eBooks section (Uploaders and Downloaders)

I). For Uploaders:

Steps to follow to upload one or more eBook (s):

1.- Use the "Search" option to establish the existence of the eBook in the section. Due to the limited function of that option, you can use the search filter site:forum.ucweb.com in google for a deep search in the forum.

2.- If the eBook is not published in the section, then you can proceed to do it through the creation of a thread for that book.

3.- The title of the thread must include the title of the eBook and its author.

4.- If possible, if you are going to publish several books of the same author, it is advisable that all those books be published in a single thread that groups them. If the number of books published in the same thread exceeds the number of 5, then it is recommended that you attach at the beginning of the thread a brief index that indicates the titles of the published books. This will facilitate the search and better presentation and order in your thread. You can publish all the books of the same author in a single thread, trying always to attach an index.

5.- The Uploaders should prioritize the publication of their eBooks in at least two of these three formats: epub, mobi and pdf. You can also add more formats.
(All eBook formats should be added in the same thread. Separate threads will not be allowed for each different eBook format).

6.- It is important and necessary that you include a brief description or review of the book that is uploading, otherwise you may not receive any reward and will be warned.

7.- You can publish other books within the threads of other users, as long as those books are from the same author.

8.- It is recommended that the Uploaders verify that their attachments do not contain errors due to bad conversions, it is recommended to use a known and reliable converter like Calibre.
Attached files with errors can cause your thread to be deleted.

9.- Users are reminded uploaders that, while it is true, you have the freedom to set prices for downloads of eBooks that publish, however this will prevent you receive a reward from the moderators team.
Remember that, users who apply prices and charges on their threads, will not receive any rewards from the Moderators team


Remember, it is not allowed to set prices for reading the threads, you can only set prices for your attachments (Although the latter is not advisable either). Setting prices for reading your threads and at the same time setting prices for downloading attachments, is a very serious infraction that could result in temporary banning of your user account and consequent deletion of your threads. Please note this recommendation.

II). For Downloaders:

1.- If you want to download an eBook, you can use the suggested search options.

2.- Try to privilege the downloads of those books whose users do not apply prices.

3.- If you do not find the book you need, you can request it in our General Thread of Requests: MOBILE viewPC view

Do not post request threads in the section, that is not allowed.

4.- Please follow the rules and recommendations for use of the section.
If you would like to express your appreciation to a particular Uploader for an eBook, please do so through the rating grant or through a private message. These are the two appropriate ways of expressing Thanks for the eBooks downloaded.
If you have any question/request/observation you have about a particular post, do your question/request/observation sending a PM to the author of the post.
Do not make irrelevant and out of place comments on the threads. You can publish book reviews and in general give enriching opinions.

5.- You can earn UC-money through the following actions:

a. Making enriching comments in the threads: publishing reviews, informative and interesting notes about the book or its author or adding more author's books. Remember that, the answers or comments made on threads older than 60 days old are not allowed.

b. You can contribute, sharing (apps, pics, tones/songs, etc.) and making comments in the other sections of the forum, always respecting the rules and recommendations established in each section.

c. Through the activities to be announced soon.

d. You might get uc-money through the 'Report' option, for your help finding threads with duplicate eBooks, 'Thanks' or irrelevant comments or some other foul (only if the fault is within the week of the reporting date).

Notice:  Please, if you find a thread with duplicate eBook(s), use the 'Report' option to inform duplicity. It is necessary to include the original thread where the eBook(s) was/were first published, otherwise your report will not be processed.
Note.- that False Reports are penalized with a discount on UC Money.

6.- If you are a new user and have any doubts or difficulties during your stay here in the section or in the forum, you can raise your doubt or difficulty in the section for newbies users: MOBILE viewPC view

That is the appropriate place in which you will receive the help and support you need.

III). For all users in general:

Users can exchange ideas and opinions, discuss or debate about a particular topic or socialize, the appropriate section for those activities is the Free Talk section.MOBILE viewPC view
Do you want to exchange opinions with other users about an eBook? You can do it in the Free Talk sectionMOBILE viewPC view, exchanges of ideas and comments enriching will be rewarded.

Please, remember to keep in mind the rules and recommendations of use of the eBooks section.

@pkb , Super Moderator.
@Dev92 , Super Moderator.
@84 Reg , Moderator.


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Users are reminded that due to the serious difficulties to uploading files in the section, it is possible to use any file hosting site, and in this way to overcome the problems currently facing the Forum.

Please read carefully the conditions and recommendations established for such a situation.

Source: [Announcement] Every hosting site is now allowed in UC Forum.
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Editado por Pedro_P en 11-8-17 12:51

Please, take a look HERE

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