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Post time: 12-8-17 00:23:40 From the mobile phone
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Editado por Pedro_P en 6-9-17 23:28

Hi everyone...

The good news has arrived... Welcome to CraxMe Forum.

Please, take a look HERE

Joint statement by the Team of Moderators of the UC-Forum

As has been officially communicated by the Administration, the next closure of the UC-Forum has been established. The UC-Forum was born almost a decade ago and today the decision to close it for the reasons exposed by the Administration, has surprised us.
About this sad situation, the Team Moderators of the UC-Forum we have something to say:

1. We deeply regret the decision to close to the UC-Forum that has emerged from the Administration. Such a measure has been envisaged and taken without regard to the thousands of users who, since the Forum's initial existence, have contributed to its aggrandizement, even in these times. As a Team Moderators and mainly as Users of the Forum, we can only express our most energetic rejection for that terrible decision.

2. The Moderators Team has decided to suspend all moderation activities in the Forum.

3. We call on the Administration to reflect and reconsider the decision to close the Forum. The UC-Forum and its users do not deserve this end.

4. Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to all the users who have contributed to its growth since the beginning of the Forum, who have shared here more than just their experiences and knowledge, have shared part of their lives here, dreams and longings. To all those users who grew up with the Forum and new users who felt that the Forum could give them more than just a space to be and share. The Forum has been a wonderful place that has allowed us, despite the difficulties, to share and learn and more.

We invite all users to share their  thoughts and feelings here.

Until forever UC-FORUM. Until forever everyone.
Thank you all... See you soon.


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84 Reg + 1000 + 20000 My sentiments exactly !!!

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Post time: 12-8-17 11:46:26
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Edited by Ancence at 12-8-17 12:04

I just joined this place. I have made 11 money since. Can I exchange it for dollars or bitcoin maybe? What is the exchange rate?

And when you say "next closing" how do you mean? When is the next opening?

And this? "have fallen like a bucket of cold water over we all" ... what is this supposed to mean?  The "ice bucket challenge" or something?

Ain't this the apolcalypse? Now everyone gets their butts banned. So much for all the administration (I knew I would have the last laugh some day! HAHAHAHAHA!)

It's not the end of the world y'all. Regroup elsewhere.  The interface sucks. Get off this sorry ass place. Also, you got enough books 99 percent of which you're never gonna read. Stop whining already.

I didn't mean to be an A-hole. I too feel a little sad. This was fun. As Arnold would put it. "I still have Easter Baby!"

Toodle-ooo! and a bottle of rum! Until next time then! See you at the "next opening"! You know what Arnold's friend Rumi has to say about this. "The wound is where the light enters you!"

Post time: 12-8-17 11:26:52
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Edited by 84 Reg at 12-8-17 08:33

I am very disheartened by this unilateral decision of UC team.....if UC forum goes out of our lives then so does all facets of UC!!! All our efforts over a period of years has gone to waste !! The Admin did not even have decency to at least tell the moderators of this decision !!Anyways guys i m a VIP in Mobilism too and will continue to provide help to those who need it!! UCforum being there or not !!!

Post time: 18-8-17 14:10:28
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A humble request, as UC forum is going to close, please remove the requirement of UC money for ebooks and make them free, so that anyone can download the books.

Also, if the paid links brought together (after making them free), people can have  a look at ebooks they may have missed out as the price was high or they didn't have money to download them



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Post time: 12-8-17 01:55:48
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It's sad indeed for all of us. I shared so much enthusiasm in all what I posted here, even if I am new here. Why these educational and cultural forums in which people share a part of their lives through music and books must be closed and other non-educative forums have long life ?
All here is about friendship, positive thinking and joy!! I don't understand! I hope they will change their decision. I WAS MORE THAN PLEASED TO PARTICIPATE ON THIS FORUM!! All the best for everyone!
Post time: 21-8-17 14:55:38 From the mobile phone
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Well I did know a particular mod was assinine but the same seems true of the admin too. Can't say I am surprised.
Post time: 12-8-17 15:10:28 From the mobile phone
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If it is closing. There is great loss in our life routine. A knowledgeable site is gone from our hands.
Post time: 12-8-17 17:56:46
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Thank you for this wonderful journey. I guess, everything must come to an end.
I have really loved the books section. Any chance the ebooks can be loaded to a publicly shared folder on good drive (or any cloud)?
People could really use it.
Post time: 14-8-17 21:15:21
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I came home yesterday on anextended training and when I logged into the forum I was shocked to learn thatthe forum is closing permanently. I have been member in many forums. But thisis one place where I felt most comfortable. However, I take this opportunity tothank @Pedro_P Sir, I thank you for all the guidance andappreciations you gave me . I also thank Moderator 84 Reg. Sir you were oneof first person who made a friend request even though I was only a month old inthe FORUM I thank you for patiently going through all my messages seeking advisesand guiding me. Last but not the least is @Prakpen. Sir, I willjust say that you are my GURU.

Post time: 14-8-17 07:36:20 From the mobile phone
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1.petition 2. Make one community on vk.com where loyal users like us could join and contribute. Suggest other ways and decide fast
Post time: 12-8-17 00:27:38 From the mobile phone
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This is very sad,  I'm just an year old here
Post time: 12-8-17 01:23:49
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This announcement by the administration is truly heart wrenching! This forum has become an integral part of many of our lives. I urge the administrators to reconsider their decision.
Post time: 12-8-17 02:08:15 From the mobile phone
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I guess this is goodbye then..
It's been nice meeting every good UCer here.

PS:Where do we leave our contacts(Facebook,Twitter,e-mail,etc.) so we don't lose contact with the friends we made here—besides PMs and Group (Chats)?
Post time: 12-8-17 02:35:44 From the mobile phone
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lemuelirabor 11-8-17 13:08
I guess this is goodbye then..
It's been nice meeting every good UCer here.

Hi Lemuel.
Coordination is taking place... In a few hours we will announce something officially about it to keep us all in touch. Unfortunately this decision to close the UC-Forum have fallen like a bucket of cold water over we all.
Post time: 12-8-17 02:57:50
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Is it possible to reconsider. There is a wealth of info here.
Post time: 12-8-17 03:18:10
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Edited by lt12077 at 11-8-17 09:22

Every Saint has a Past every Sinner a Future

I Feel like somebody stripped my Rank and court martialed me.
Its been a like year, i came here in search of knowledge, one thing
lead to the other. I Wish I had been here for more earlier.
There was a desertstorm with the search engines out in the open and bullets of abuses raining
in the social media, nobody gave me cover fire because nobody was there in my unit.
I was all alone like a desert rat but one fine day I found out this Oasis
out there in the scorching desert that knowbody knows or heard of.
Even i Couldnt believe when i got there, i thought it was a perfect mirage with mystic shamans.
I thought i'll be captured like the rest of my unit and trolled for the rest of my online life.
But nothing happened, there were more shamans who seemed more surreal and they were
there to help each other and share their knowledge with the un-partisaned mutants who've entered their territory just like me.

As days went by, they never stopped sharing what they had and were never tired of what they did each and every day with more mutants arriving into
the Oasis they were guarding. It seemed at first that they were going to overcrowd the Oasis and deplete the resources. But not to be, the mutants became the
guardians just like them and sharing and guiding, finally what everyone realised was that the guardians were actually teaching the way forward towards creating
more Oasis of knowledge, so that the mutants can carry forward the wishes of the guardians and wither the desert.

Alas, it was not to be, I see a DesertStorm out there which is quite big enough to engulf the entire Oasis, but this time i am not alone.

Ten-Hut !!!

Fire At Will !!!

Soldier !!!!!!

[Requesting everyone to share and stand your ground until the last uploads and requests fulfilled]

It has been my honour serving with you all in this uneconomical duty unfazed. [Hey is there anyway I can change the virtual money into Bitcoins????] Lol

Thank Everyone especially , @rahuldevilz30 @chona @mereeja @Prakpen @84 Reg @lemuelirabor @Hapschaartje @pedro_p

Now !!!
Show Me Your War Face !!!!!


Post time: 12-8-17 03:18:36 From the mobile phone
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OMG !! when will it get closed ? isnt there a way to protest ??. I will surely uninstall uc browser if they stop this forum.
Post time: 12-8-17 03:20:15 From the mobile phone
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tarasharma 12-8-17 02:57
Is it possible to reconsider. There is a wealth of info here.

Yes what about the ebooks, music, videos, apps, etc. These were uploaded by users. What will happen now ?
Post time: 12-8-17 03:31:36 From the mobile phone
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This is how I protest. What about you
Post time: 12-8-17 04:33:42
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I can't believe it
Post time: 12-8-17 10:31:26
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Even though I have not been very active lately, I have a feeling of loss even thinking about this forum closing down.
The world will be a darker place without UC forum, a place where people of all denominations, race or believes were able to feel at home.
I hope and pray those responsible will have a change of heart!
Post time: 12-8-17 11:02:18
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Can't we make another group or forum, may be a Facebook group  even.
Post time: 12-8-17 13:28:20
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this is very sad news. is someone aware of another such forum/website where we can regroup? it will be a very big loss for thousands of us.
Post time: 12-8-17 15:36:12 From the mobile phone
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I, too, would like to regroup. It feels bad, very bad to think this site may not exist any more.
Post time: 12-8-17 20:09:28
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to me this is the end of the world
Post time: 12-8-17 21:20:00
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lemuelirabor 12-8-17 02:08
I guess this is goodbye then..
It's been nice meeting every good UCer here.

good idea bout group chats outside this place, lemuelirabor, wise suggestion
Post time: 12-8-17 22:08:19
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Edited by lt12077 at 12-8-17 07:26

If this thing is going to be shut down and we cannot do anything about it, i suggest everyone to move on in batches to their respective interests to other forums which are viable and accomodative to everyone...in this regard I also invite everyone to a forum concerning Ebooks : TOPSHELFBOOK (I Was too comfy with UCF especially the Ebook grp and their simple UI and Mod mechanism, now its all in shambles, i cant believe it, these Billionaire Chinese guys are pulling the plug on a useful forum like this, dnt knw why?) but here we are in this moment. I have actually registered in the above forum and created a group for Ucers, I am also ready to assign the admins and mods frm here if anyone willing takes the baton there from here. Just my view, the above forum looked apt for a ready occupation and every1 can swing in just like here, definitely for the Ebooks. The UI also looks similar like here...well its upto the ebook MODS..I am ready to handover that group there @chona@Sensible_One @Bacchus @Prakpen @84 Reg @Hapschaartje @mereeja @umaa @ajmera
Post time: 12-8-17 23:07:26 From the mobile phone
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E Ebooks section...Its like part of your daily routine missing..   I read many books thanks to everyone
Post time: 13-8-17 03:00:36
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Do we have any alternate arrangement if yes please share, my idea is something which can mirror this whole uc forum data, if my understanding is correct can we save this uc forum data as a whole and than host it somewhere else
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