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Frequently Asked questions

(Tips: Use "Ctrl+F" in your PC Browser  to locate KEYWORDS of your Questions)

1. Functions and Operating
2. Page Display
3. Download/Upload
4. Browser Running
5. Homepage
6. UC browser's Installation
7. Images

FAQ for UC Browser-Android version First edition

If u still can't find the Answer to ur Query,
Please post ur feedback about UC Browser in ANDROID SECTION or ANDROID MINI SECTION.

Our professional "UC Teams" will always be here for U!
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7. Images

[Android 9.7]Why can’t I change saved path when download google images?
We are working on it and will solve this problem in later versions. Please stay tuned for our latest updates at wap.ucweb.com.

Why can't I download images from Facebook?
Please turn on speed mode, long press an image, choose “Save Image” to download this image. If you have problem with “Save as” option,please report to us.

[mini 9.1]Why does it change to another option even after I chose Text-only?
Please go to Menu-Settings-Network-Wi-Fi Optimization, untick it then problem will be solved. We are working on this and will fix it in later versions.

How to enter view-image mode?
When pictures there are over 2 pictures with 150*150px format, long press the image, press View image->Display images, it will directly enter the view image mode. In this mode, you can choose to save all the images.

[Android 9.6]Why can't I view Facebook image in full size?
When clicking view full size option in lite speed mode, the page will ask you to download the photo.
This is setting limitation of Facebook, we suggest you send your feedback to Facebook for further solution.

There is also another way to view full size image: change speed mode-facebook-mobile, go back to image and long press it, then UC browser will display original image without download it.

[Android 9.7]Why does gif animation still show after I turn off Animation in settings?
The animation option does not refer to gif images but to the animation effect within the browser. For example, when you long press a link and open a new tab, you will see some animation effect.

[Mini 9.1]How to amplify image?
Please hold the image, click “open image”, then you can zoom the image.

[Android 9.7] Why does Image show half after zooming out?
When zooming the page in "fit to screen" mode, the page cannot be swiped.
We suggest you change to "zoom view" mode then retry.

Why does image quality decrease when I turn on speed mode?
Speed mode helps you surf the internet faster and save more traffic. When you turn on speed mode, it will automatically decrease the image quality and auto-fit pages to the screen.

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4. Browser Running

Why can’t I open or use browser in Android 4.4?
Pls download the latest version. the problem has been already solved.

Is there any version for PC?
A PC version with chinese font has been develoved. English version isn't developed yet.

What is hardware acceleration?
When you enable this, it will use your phone’s hardware to improve UC Browser's smoothness for a better browsing experience.

Why does Android 4.4.2 phone crash when visit www sites?If your phone model is one of the types below: I9500 I9505 E330S N900 N9005, the browser will crash when visiting www sites. This problem is caused by the Andriod 4.4.2 system, which does not support Adobe Flash player. We need to wait for Samsung to fix this.

Why is my browsing speed is so slow?
The reasons for slow Internet speed may be:
Your local network condition. When there are too many users online, the network can get overloaded and that would make your Internet speed slow.
You can try to switch to Lite in Website Preferences in Settings, so that the browser will load the lite version of the page and this will make the speed faster, especially for Google and Facebook.
If the slow speed is only for some sites, you can use your phone's built-in browser to visit these sites to see if the situation is the same. If yes, then it is that web site's issue. If no, and you can visit these sites without any problem with your built-in browser, please report this problem to us.
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Edited by Jkmangang at 20-5-14 20:21

5. Homepage

How can I remove the 9Game on the speed dial?

Please long press any speed dial and you will see close button in the speed dial. Click it then you can remove the speed dial you like.

How many sites will be kept in the most visited section?
9 at maximum. If you had any suggestion with this, please feel free to contact us.

Will most visited sites get cleared if I clear cache?
Most visited sites will not get cleared after clearing caches. And when you clear browsing history at Settings-Clear Records-Browsing History, most visited sites will be deleted.

[HD 3.1 version]Can I add more speed dials than the existing 12 speed dials?
We support just 12 so far. In later versions, we plan to add more. Please wait patiently.

[Mini 9.1]How to copy selected link in address bar?
If you want to copy the URL address, please long press on the address bar, and select copy. Then, you will be able to copy the whole link without selecting it first.

What does squirrel/logo stand for?
This logo shows the company mascot,the squirrel, which embodies UC Browser’s three key propositions: Speed, Smart, and Security. UCWeb redesigned the logo to give UC Browser a more contemporary global appeal as the company accelerates its global market expansion.
Post time: 20-5-14 23:33:03
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6. UC browser's Installation

How to download version 9.7.5?

Get it HERE.

What kind of phone can install UC BROWSER 9.7.5?
UC Browser 9.7.5 is suitable for phones which have high configuration and running capabilities (Android 4.0 and above).

Why is there no update when click update option?
We can't update by clicking update option in browser menu even we just released new version on official site.
In this case, we can go to official site and download new version manually.

How can I find the right version for my mobile phone?
Please visit UCWeb's official website at http://wap.ucweb.com to download the proper version for your mobile phone brand and model. If you cannot find your phone model, please choose the version by platform.
You can also visit Google Play, and search 'UC Browser' to get the installation package.

What's the difference between pf 145 and pf 150?
The two Pf numbers stand for different browser versions which are suitable for different CPU architectures namely ARMV7 and ARMV8.
145 is more suitable for ARMV7 and lower, while 150 is more suitable for ARMV8.
Using a browser version  that's suitable to your CPU will definitely reduce crash problems.
Post time: 20-5-14 21:29:12
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Why there is no difference between the lite version and mobile version of Youtube?
There is some compatibility problem when playing videos on Youtube in lite version, so we change lite UA to be mobile UA for better experience for users.

Why can’t I copy text?
You can enable the speed mode and try again. If this just happens on some specific websites, it's because of the websites’ limitation. But if you cannot copy text on all websites with speed mode on, please report to us.

How to check my UDisk on PC?
Please visit "cloud.ucweb.com" and login your account then you can get access to your UDisk on PC.

Is there size limit for uploading files to UDisk?
You get a 2GB storage size in "my files" and 4GB in the "Temp-file Station".
You can upload any files not bigger than 2GB to "my files " and 4GB to "Temp-file Station".

[9.7 version]Why does ads still pop up when I'm using ad-block add-on?
Please be informed that this function works only on www sites for the time being.Hope you understand. If it does not work in www sites, please send us specific link to check.

What is incognito browsing?
Once you turn on incognito browsing, all your browsing history will not be recorded. That is to say, there is not history or caches existing. This browsing mode is helpful to reduce caches and save space. Thanks for your support.

The saved "uhtml" format page cannot open in other apps.
Our relevant staff have known this very well and will take into consideration. And we need time to realize this function. Hope you can wait patiently.

Why I can't find the options of "Save to UDisk" and "Cloud Download"?
Because these functions are provided by UC server, you need to enable the option of WAP Access via Server/cloud acceleration/speed mode in the browser. If you still can't find, please send us the download link to test.

What is UDisk?
UDisk is a free online file storage service for mobile phone users provided by UCWeb. A registered user will have a permanent storage space of 2GB and a temporary storage space of 4GB.
UDisk makes it easy for you to store, download and upload files. When you upload files to email, forums or file sharing sites, you can choose to upload from UDisk. With the help of cloud download, you can also save files online to your UDisk without any data usage costs.

What is cloud download?
Cloud download makes use of our servers to help you in downloading. When you send a cloud download requirement to UC Browser, UC Browser will help you download the file in background and save it to your UDisk. UC Browser doesn’t have to stay connected and will not cost data usage during the whole downloading process. UC Browser also provides the function for you to save to UDisk and reduce the data usage. Thanks for choosing UC Browser.

[9.7 version]Can download task reconnect automatically after it fails?
Auto-reconnecting function is supported on 9.3 above version.Please make sure you are using 9.3 above version, turn on "Reconnect if Download Fails in settings".

Why can’t I watch the video while it is downloading?
We support video previewing partially. It works for video files which are over 5MB. After downloading is over 5MB, you can click to preview it. If you find some files which can’t support previewing, please send us the download link for us to check.

Why is my Facebook ID is blocked when I change my device?
It is for protecting your account safety. If you were using UC Browser but changed your device, Facebook would notice that the IP is different from the regular IP. Then Facebook will ask you to confirm your identity. Just confirm once on your PC, then it won't happen again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Why there is only audio but no video when watching videos in the Android Mini version?
Videos can be played normally under the Android 2.3 system. As for the 4.x system, please choose the "full screen" option in the video, then the video will be shown. We are also working on this problem and hope we can fix it soon.

[9.6 version]Why can’t I use flow typing of swiftkey in address bar?
Due to some issues with Swiftkey, flow typing can’t be used in address bar so far. We are negotiating with SwiftKey Keyboard regarding this issue so please wait patiently.

Can I sync bookmarks between java and android versions?
Sorry , but we don't support this feature at the moment. We have recorded your suggestions and will try to implement it in future versions.

[9.6 version]Why Word prediction of Swiftkey doesn't work in uc browser?
We have fixed this problem in latest version. Please visit wap.ucweb.com and update to latest version to try. If problem persists, please report to us.

[Mini 9.1]Why can’t I save pages when speed mode is off?
Our technical team is working on this and we hope to resolve this soon. For now please turn on speed mode to solve this problem.

[Mini 9.1]How to clear browsing history when exiting the browser?
Go to settings>privacy, turn on "Confirm on Exit".
When exiting the browser or when you double press the back button, it will ask you whether or not you want to clear your browsing history.
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1. Functions and Operating

[Mini 9.1]What does it say "SD Card Not Found" when I export bookmarks to sd card?
Our technical team will solve this problem in later versions. Hope that you understand and wait patiently.

[Android 9.7]Can I choose video player to play online videos?]
We support playing online videos directly via UC Browser's integrated video player.
If you need to play the videos using a third-party video player, we have recorded your need. Our tech team will optimize it accordingly.

[Android 9.7]How to clear history on exit?
Please double click on your phone's back button to exit the browser. Then, you will see the option to clear your history. If it doesn't work, reset to default or re-install the browser. If the problem still persists, please provide us with the following information to track the problem:handset type:
Browser Version:
Menu-Settings-Help-About Us (including the build time and pf No.)
ID: (by accessing http://bz.uc.cn/int/ip) IMEI: *#06#

[Android 9.7]Why does it show No themes available for your phone?
Because there are no suitable themes available yet for the latest version of Android 9.7. But we are working on it. When the themes are prepared, we will upload it.
Please use the Latest/Wallpaper at the moment.

How to view the clipboard?
There is no clipboard in the mini version. If you have copied successfully, you can do a long press on the input box and the paste button will show.
Only the most recently copied item will be pasted.
We have recorded your need, however, and we will take it into consideration.

Why is there no space/format when copy/paste several paragraphs?
Sorry, but we do not support this at the moment. We have recorded your suggestion and will try to implement it in future versions.

Why does web to pdf add-on not work?
Please send us the specific link, we will check it.
In addition, you can use our doodle in the screenshot instead.

Why can’t UC Widget appear in the desktop of phone?
Firstly please confirm in the setting of your phone, whether you had selected to allow floating window of uc browser. Whether it had been shut down by the phone's task manager, we suggest you close the task manager or add uc to the Ignore list.

Which format of video does uc browser supports to stream?
We can support streaming online video in hls, rtsp, rtmp, pls, mms, m3u, m3u8 formats.

How to import bookmarks from Android to Mini?
We can't support this function now, but we have recorded your need, we will take it into consideration.

How does preload work?
Turn on speed mode, if the page has keywords like next page, or 1,2,3... then preload can work. (It can't preload when speed mode is off, because webkit can't support it.)

[HD 3.0]What is auto full screen?
If you enabled auto full screen, when opening a webpage, scroll down a bit, tool bar and tab bar will be hidden, offering an immersive reading experience. When you want to visit another website, scroll up a bit, the address bar will be shown again. It's similar to Chrome's experience.

How to find saved page?
Please visit Downloads-File Manager-UCDownloads, saved pages will be found here.

[HD 3.0 version]Why are there some blue dots in some icons?
That is to remind you that we have some new features like bookmarks sync, which let’s you backup your bookmarks.

Why doesn’t AutoPager work?
In Google search, Facebook and Twitter, please change website preferences to "Lite", then it will work. If AutoPager does’t work in other pages, please send the page URL for us to check.

Why does the UC widget appear slowly in the desktop after setting it?
This is due to phone system protection system. Please wait for a while then it will show. Hope you can understand.

Why is it still MHT format even if I chose HTML when saving pages?
Sorry but we but don’t support HTML in saving pages at the moment. We have recorded this and will try to correct it.

[Android 9.7]Why can’t I change the saved page path?
Sorry but we but don’t support changing the path for saving pages. We are aware of this issue and will try to solve it.

Why can’t I share to Pocket?
The share function supports apps which support sharing images. Since Pocket doesn't support sharing images, so only if we choose the link in a webpage and long press it, then we can share it to Pocket. If you want UC to support sharing images or webpages to Pocket, let us know.

Where is the screenshot function?
Please click the icon to the right of search bar, then click the "+" and you will find the screenshot add-on. Install it, then you can use screenshot function.
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Edited by Jkmangang at 20-5-14 18:53

How to delete/cancel UC account?
Sorry, but we don't have a "cancel or delete UC account" option for the time being.

Can I play videos using my phone's video player?
This depends on the video format. Only the mp4 and 3gp format videos will evoke the inbuilt player to play.

[Android&Mini]Why does Data savings always show 0?
Are you using wifi or mobile internet? If  you are using wifi,it won't show saving data.
If it is mobile internet, please tell us your phone model, browser version and ID: (by accessing http://bz.uc.cn/int/ip)

[Android 9.7]What is Enhanced page layout?
It can increase the font size of the main content of desktop pages for a better browsing experience. You can find the feature via Menu> Preferences > Settings > Font size & Page Layout > Enhanced Page Layout.

What is QR code?
A QR code is a type of bar code designed for use with smart phones and other devices that contain cameras.
QR codes can contain much information and are therefore useful for directing users to websites and other online information.
With UC Browser's QR code scanner feature, we can interpret and use QR codes

Can I zoom html5 and wap 2.0 site?
Due to these sites' limitations, we can't zoom WAP 2.0 and html5 pages.

[Mini 9.1]Why does night mode only work in speed mode?
This is an exclusive design for speed mode in UC browser.
If you turn off speed mode, however, night mode still works but it will show a gray background.
When you turn it on, you will see a darker background for night mode.

Why is Translator(add-on) result wrong?
We use the Google Translate system to translate all languages. If the result is the same as the one found in site http://translate.google.com/, please contact Google for further help. If it is an issue with UC Browser, please send us the link to the page and we will check it further.

About Sync bookmarks function
We can only get your bookmarks from the UC server you're logged in to your UDisk account.
If you made some changes in your phone's bookmarks, make sure you log in to UDisk and click sync. This will update the bookmarks in the server according to the changes you made on your phone so you can access the same bookmarks no matter what device you use.

[HD 3.1]How to add more options to the shortcut menu?
Please long press on the shortcut menu to view the available choices. Tick the one you want, and it will be displayed. If what you want is not on the list, please tell us.

[Android 9.7]Where is the facebook uploader addon?
The Facebook Uploader add-on has been put off the shelf at the moment. However, we will release it again in the future.

[HD 3.1]How do I get UC Browser to load Flash plugin automatically?
UC Browser does not support such function at the moment because the phone kernel cannot support it as well. We noted down your requirement and are finding a work around.

[HD 3.1]How to change themes?
If you need the theme feature, we have reported your need. Our team will check if it can be added later.

[9.7 version]Where is the save page function and where can I check the saved page?
Click the icon in the right of search bar, then click the "+" and you will find the Save Page add-on. Install it, then go to the page you want to save, you can click save page add-on to use. To check saved pages, please go to save page add-on and open the save page list.

[9.7 version]Why can’t I share the downloaded file in the list?
We don’t support this function at the moment. But we have recorded it as a suggestion, and our staff will check if we can support it in later versions.
Post time: 20-5-14 22:18:59
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2. Page Display

[Mini 9.1]Why does bottom bar hide when scrolling pages?
If you don't like it, you can turn off “Hide bottom bar when scrolling” in menu>settings>customize.

Why does Lite UA have no differences from and mobile UA in some sites?
Since this site itself has no lite view, we can't show you its lite view either. So we offer you mobile view when you are using Lite UA.

Why can't I open ultoo.com?
Dear friends,
Firstly we'd like to apologize for this: its because parts of our browser's server IP are forbidden by ultoo.com.
We are trying to contact this site's official to solve this problem.
If you have the contact information of this site's owner, please send it to: caozc@ucweb.com.
You can also send your feedback about this problem to ultoo.com for further help.
Thanks for your cooperation.

Why can’t I zoom into some pages?
Some pages have their own fixed page size to fit the phone screen. If the page doesn't support, the browser will give a message "This page does not support zooming".

Does it support HTML5?
For now, UC Browser can support HTML5 on most sites. If you have such problem, please compare with your inbuilt or chrome browser. If problem only happens with uc browser, please report the page URL and screen-shot to us.

Why can’t I have desktop view in Mini version?
We support desktop view on www sites. If you are visiting www sites, please turn off speed mode and wap access via server, then refresh the page to try again. If this doesn’t work, please send us the page URL to check.

How many tabs can I open at the same time?
10 at maximum

[HD 3.1]Why does the site shows mobile view even website preferences is desktop?
The site will show you a suitable UA as per your device screen resolution for a better browsing experience.

How to open facebook desktop view?
Please visit "www.facebook.com/home.php", then you will get Facebook's desktop view.
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3. Download/Upload

Why size of downloading file is not the same as real size?
When download is processing, the file sizes in download manager and file manager are different. You can check file size after download finishes. If file size is still different from the source, please report to us.

Why does downloading stop when screen locks?
Do you have this problem to few files or all files? Can you please tell us following information for better solving it:
phone model:
browser version:menu>help>about(including the build time and pf No.)
downloading link of this file:
ID: (by visiting bz.uc.cn/int/ip in uc browser, enter verification code, get this six numbers)

Why does it jump to google play when i download apps from 9apps?
If you are using uc browser google play version, it will jump to google play to download those apps. It is because of google play's items. You can use the uc browser official version to avoid this problem. Download it here: wap.ucweb.com.

Why does it redirect to google.com when I try to download UC Browser from UC’s official website?
Due to some reason, now when you go to download UC9.4.0 apk from wap.ucweb.com, you will be redirected to google.com. Please download from here directly: http://goo.gl/rphlTv.

How to download youtube videos?
We suggest you install an add-on named “Video Downloader”, it will support downloading videos from most HTML5 sites. Download link: http://addon.ucweb.com/resources ... oader_V1.0_Android_(en-us)_release_(Build13082917).apk

Why does it get stuck/display error when download almost complete?
Can you reproduce the problem? Does it happen to all files or just one file? Do you have such problem with the inbuilt browser? Does it happen to the previous version? Please clear caches, turn on/off Cloud Acceleration, change the website preferences and save path. Make sure there is enough memory in your save path. If problem still exists, please provide us some information to check the problem:
Handset Model:
Browser Version: Menu > Tools > Help >Contact Us (including the build time and pf No.)
Error Message:
Access Point:
ID: (by accessing http://bz.uc.cn/int/ip)
A Download Link:
Original Error Message:

[HD 3.0 version]Can I download files to TF card?
We can support downloading to TF card in 3.0 version alread, please update it first. Official download site: wap.ucweb.com.

How to create a new task in the download manager?
This has been removed in the new version. Please directly paste the download URL into address bar.

[Mini 9.1]Why does it show SD card unavailable?
If you change the download path during the downloading process, then this message will appear.
This will also appear because the previous download path is invalid,
We cannot continue downloading while the following message is displayed: "The current storage card is unavailable, please chose another one."

[Android 9.7]Does it support to resume in Video Downloader?
We support this function for some videos. If you encounter any video that doesn't support this function, please send the video link to us. We will help you check whether this is a bug or if the video is not supported by our sever.

Why has my download failed or why can't I download a file?
Try downloading the file with your phone's built-in browser. If it can't be downloaded by the built-in browser, try switching Cloud Acceleration on or off or change the saved path. If the problem persists, please provide the following information to us to help solve this problem:
Mobile phone model
Mobile IMEI: you can enter *#06# in dial status to view it
UC Browser version (including date)
URL of the file attempting to be downloaded
Error message
Your contact information

Why is my download speed so slow?
Slow downloading speed is usually your network's issue. You can contact your local network operator for advice. It may be also because of your handset's capabilities, please try to avoid downloading too many files at the same time.

Why do I get an Error Code 17 when downloading files?
An Error Code 17 appears because the website isn't returning data. This is that website's issue. We suggest you use your phone's built-in browser and try to download it that way. If this problem persists, let us know so we can fix it.

Why can’t I keep downloading when I run the browser in background?
We support background download in latest version. Please visit wap.ucweb.com and update to latest version to try again. If problem persists, please report to us.

Does not re-start when i click on "pause" to continue the downloading.
Hi. Sorry for the trouble. It may because that the file didn't support the pause-and -resume function. If the problem happened to all links, please provide us the link so that we could have a check. Please also provide us your phone type and the browser version. Thanks for your support.
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