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[help] phone startup failed..contact retailer for nokia 5233

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Post time: 21-10-11 19:09:07
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Hi frnds plz help me..
I am using Nokia 5233..when i have switched on the mobile it shows just NOKIA and then shows the white screen with a message like "phone start up failed..contact retailer."
Some times it opens the home screen in offline mode..
After i put in general mode it works for 1hour and then shows no network bars and a message like"phone will restart"..again i started the phone it shows same problems as i mentioned above..,wat should i do frnds..plz give me info....

Frnds Is it battery problem or phone problem..?
Plz give me info...
Post time: 21-10-11 19:25:01
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I think Its ur phone problem, the software of ur phone has some problem, upgrade ur phone.
Post time: 21-10-11 19:37:50
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Best is to upgrade your phone software. You can use JAF or Phoenix, download your RM-625 data package first. Or if you are sure your phone is stabil enough, you can try Nokia Software Updater. This will erase all former phone software problem.
Post time: 21-10-11 19:47:21
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Reply 3# tenno78 tenno78's post

Now i am having 50.1.001 latest firmware....I did everything bro like phone format by *#7370# and memory card format too...again i m getting same problem bro..
Post time: 21-10-11 19:49:27
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Phone soft shis go. Contact nokia retailer.
Post time: 21-10-11 19:50:19
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do you  have computer.?
Post time: 21-10-11 19:58:57
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Now i'm using my frnd battery.,my phone works normally...
My battery placed into my frnds mobile(nokia 5233) it does'nt  show anything,and not even power ON....i'm totally confused..
Post time: 21-10-11 20:02:35
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i can help you
you can flash ur mobile by ur self simple steps
Post time: 21-10-11 20:03:27
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Tell me bro.....
Post time: 21-10-11 20:07:55
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Bro i've one doubt.,why my battery works in my phone with some problems...nd it doesnt work in other handsets(5233,5230)....
Post time: 21-10-11 20:10:52
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Original posted by syamnaidu at 21-10-2011 05:33 PM
Tell me bro.....

download navifirm
Post time: 21-10-11 20:15:02
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What is this navifirm..?
After download what is the process.?
Post time: 21-10-11 20:23:01
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Phone is telling you what to do.
Contact the retailer
Why you want to make simple thing more difficult?
Post time: 21-10-11 20:25:47
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Plz give info..how to
solve this
Post time: 21-10-11 20:31:38
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you don't need to do it. make a dead flash with jaf or phoenix.
Post time: 21-10-11 20:44:00
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The problem is the battery then. Buy another 1
Post time: 21-10-11 22:20:47
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Bro if it is in warranty period then simply go to nokia care rather then local shops.

[ Last edited by Amitrana4u at 21-10-2011 19:54 ]
Post time: 21-10-11 22:26:53
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@syamnaidu bro.
No use bro if u update or change software or flashing or format etc.
Even nokia care cant help u.
Only one solution : If u have taken the phone from nokia shop contact them or send ur phne to nokia company.
My friend phone has same problem after 5months of use.we contactd nokia care,bt they cant help us.
They told me to send phone to nokia company
Post time: 22-10-11 07:26:34
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@alluarjun bro...
My battery is not working in other nokia 5233 handsets (not power ON)......so i have confirmed it was a battery problem.
When i was using (my frnds) other battery ,phone works normally bro....
I've a doubt bro why my battery works only in my phone with some problems like(showing white screen,,after 2-3 min it opens the home screen and shows offline mode.,when i changed into general mode it works for 2hr nd then shows NO network bars...)
My battery does nt work in other 5233 handsets (not even shows white screen,,not power ON)..
So bro finally may i confirmed it is a battery problem....?
Post time: 22-10-11 10:11:39
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Original posted by syamnaidu at 22-10-2011 04:56 AM
@alluarjun bro...
My battery is not working in other nokia 5233 handsets (not power ON)......so i have confirmed it was a battery problem.
When i was using (my frnds) other battery ,phone works normal ...

i dnt knw bro,my reply there is my experience.
If batery prblm,change to other batery
Post time: 22-10-11 10:19:36
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If your problem solve with new bettery than why so long chat, Replace new bettery , add 'solved' in subject thread and Enjoy!!!!!!!
Post time: 22-10-11 10:33:05
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battery. A little trick, place a small thin piece of paper at the battery bottom (opposite to -ve/+ve pin) to tighten it in place. Heat, movement and vibration for a long time does has effect on battery input (loosen).
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