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[Suggestion] Wishlist for Next Version of UC Browser - Android

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Post time: 2-4-12 11:50:16
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[Hi bros~

Previous Wish List - [Post Updated - Post 1] Wishlist for Next Version of UC Browser Closed Now, as we have now Divided Sections For each platform, so i have also dividing Wish thread according to platform, Rest Rule are same.

Here first i want to list some features which we already get from old wish thread and then some of unfinished wishes to start this thread.

Features added from Old Wish Thread Wishlist
  • Improved Page-rendering
  • Improved User-Interface
  • Username,password saving support
  • Inline editing (Java).
  • UI changed in 7.7 (Symbian & Windows)
  • improved interface in most recent versions.
  • partial JavaScript support (for timer in premium sites)
  • Better Page-rendering
  • Improved User-Interface
  • Bookmark Synchronization/ Management

Here you can share your wish list for next version of UC browser.
Some thing which should follow strictly to maintain this thread clean :
  • Members can post only one Post here, in which they can post their total wish list, new addition in wishlist also allowed only on that post.
  • All Wishes related to Android only.
  • No discussion, only wish list allowed here.
  • Most Wanted Wishes will be added to first post.
  • Good reply can be get good reward.
  • I got Assurance from UC team that this wish list thread will get official reply here by UC team

So Start Posting your wishlist, Platform must be Android only.

Standard format :

  1. [b]Whislist :[/b]
  2. 1.  .....
  3. 2.  .....
  4. 3.  .....
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Most Demanded Wish :

Android :
  • Better page rendering
  • Download notification page should include the "file size" as well.
  • Menu Animations should have an On/Off option in settings.
  • Fix all existing bugs that have been trailing along from version to version.
  • Proxy ports(http and socket) options.
  • Changing servers in settings (like US server to Indian server).
  • Editable Password/Credentials Manager
  • Page/server timeout should be increased.
Post time: 2-4-12 21:47:29
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1.Change The UI and make it as like as the latest chinese official version

2.Page rendering need to be improved.

3.Please add 'Confirm To Exit' (also include Clear Catch And Exit Option just like Dolphin Browser).

4.Add Theme Support In official english version.

5.Make it a bit liter.

6.Make it less ram consuming..

7.Download function need to be improved as many time downloading failed after compliting...


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Post time: 6-4-12 23:22:25
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1.Add night mode like previous versions before 8.0
2.UI should change like CN version
3.Fix the issue of usual crash
Post time: 15-4-12 00:43:22
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1) it uses lot of RAM so make it to use less RAM.
2) Old UI was best so change it into old UI with better icons etc.
3) Fix major bugs like doesn't save password on some sites, QWERTY key functionality issue, Automatic logout from some websites.
Post time: 29-4-12 23:09:33
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Whislist :
1. Night Mode
2. Themes
3. Powerful Download Manager
4. UI touch Effect (Like Water Drop or Shadow effect)
5. Download finish sound and Notification
6. Add-ons
Post time: 30-4-12 19:26:25
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Edited by pgangwani35 at 3-5-13 13:16

1) Simultaneoustly Task Limit should be 11. It should be unlimited files in download list. counting is essential in downloads.
Download should not interuppted by Call
downloading files should displays in percentage form (like uc browser browser 8.4.1)

2) It should ligher
In download files in downloading list it should not effect RAM.

3) Error Report Function
When there is error occur in downloading file
in task detail

Error code ,file name, page addres,IEMI number, Access Point name etc should send report to uc browser staff.

so they solve our problem as soon as possible
4) It should be more faster

it able to fast more browser.(like uc browser mini)
5) It should start all task together in download list and it should pause all tasks in download list like symbian uc browser.

6) it should has 3 threads like symbian uc browser.

7) it should have Game Center for Android handsets

8) Automatic ram clearner mode:-
it should automatic RAM memory clearner so that it clear RAM memory while uc browser is open

9) Automatic task killer mode:-
it should have automatic tasks killer means it should close all other background application while uc browser is open

10) support flash on ANDROID 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and above

11) Clipboard Management:-
We can edit and delete in clipboard which we have copy. in the clipboard copy matter is not remove automatically

12) UDisk:-
Free online permant storage with easy management.
Of 5 TB. with offline upload and offline download. even there should be no gameloft copyright act. or any other copyright act. even we provide games in uc forum by udisk.we could share files which is uploaded in udisk

13) Higher Performance:-
With profound optimization, UC is 20% faster than before and offers 50% more stability.

14) Traceless Browsing:-
When traceless browsing is on, you will leave no surfing record with UC Browser at all.

15) Clean Spam Function:-
It includes System Cleaning junk files like
System Cache,Picture Cache,Network Cache,Installation log Etc

16) It should repair error code -4

17) It should have Pop up Blocker.

18) Different sound notification,
LED Indication

for error,Download Complete .
19) Error details should completely written in tasks

like error code -2 Server Error,  Error code -6 Internet connection unavailable. etc

20) Font Size of downloading File Should be Large

21) Unlimited Speed Dials. and large speed dial like in uc browser HD

22) Offline Download .

23) Fast Downloads like uc browser mini

24) More Videos Sites. like uc browser mini

26) Scheduled Download:-
We can schedule our Download link
(we can schedule date & time and on that schedules times download start)

27) More Powerful Graphics like (Opera MOBILE)

28) image blocker & website Blocker
block those image which detect balance (money) from mobile devices

29) Build Breakpoints:-
it should make breakpoint for those files which doesnot have  support pause and resume

30) Web Security:
• Block infected websites.
• Phishing protection stops fraudulent websites from accessing confidential information.
• Parental control helps supervise online activities of children or other users.
• Block categories of websites.
• Allow or block selected sites from the blocked categories.

31) Full Feature Interface:-- Uc Browser should have a full-featured interface that lets you surf the way you want.

32) UC Links:-
Keep all your stuff in one place! You can synchronize bookmarks, Speed Dials and more with your computer or other mobile devices via Uc  Link

33) With support for Twitter and Facebook built in, sharing is a snap.

34)Text wrapping:-
From text wrapping to zoom, page size and orientation, Uc Browser should always gives you the best view on your favorite webpages.

35) Uc browser crashes at 5 tab browsing
Post time: 2-5-12 16:59:38
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Whislist :
1.  Changing servers from settings(like india)
2.  Less RAM consumtion
Post time: 14-5-12 20:10:26
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the new 8.4 browsers saves all of the images in the site that we're visiting..it should be avoided...
Post time: 16-5-12 17:07:41
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ashokspidy replied at 14-5-2012 20:10
the new 8.4 browsers saves all of the images in the site that we're visiting..it should be avoided.. ...

Agree, this UC should not auto save images of the Web sites visited. We need to delete the images from the respective folders again and again.
Post time: 4-6-12 22:27:23
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Edited by zombiezoom at 7-6-2012 04:37


1. Better page rendering.
2. Fix all existing bugs that have been trailing along from version to version.
3. Changing servers in settings (like US server to Indian server).
4. Menu Animations should have an On/Off option in settings.
Post time: 20-6-12 08:44:44
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pgangwani35 replied at 30-4-2012 19:26
IT SHOULD maximum threads should be 10 and we can download 1000 files in download list

你说笑的是把! 说的简单。 一千个文件你要做什么?
Post time: 22-6-12 03:21:33
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Need bangla language support.
Post time: 3-8-12 21:51:58 From the mobile phone
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Udisk offline download and offline upload
Post time: 5-8-12 19:17:19
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"start all" option in paused  downloads
Post time: 5-8-12 19:49:26
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1.support persian and arabic(this abillity in 90% of android browsers here now
(im new android user soon i add wish and bug list)
Post time: 7-8-12 22:48:46 From the mobile phone
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nothing,just add rtl support to your ... browser,after many release of ucbrowser this problem still alive,just ucbrowser 7.8 show rtl correct,i report this problem many times but the uc technical team don't attention that.this is main problem of rtl language users.please just work to solve this problem for your next f... release.
Post time: 21-8-12 15:31:19 From the mobile phone
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pls add in uc browser background running on andriod device or may be minimize uc browser app, this feauter is avilable most of browser like opera , dolphin etc. pls add this feauter.
Post time: 21-8-12 15:46:05 From the mobile phone
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pls add in uc browser background running on andriod device or may be minimize uc browser app, this feauter is avilable most of browser like opera , dolphin etc. bcuz some time when i use ucweb app or another  app same time switching between them .then i switch to ucweb they going reload & my all download will be show pause this will irretate me bcuz i was restart those download again.so pls add minimize feauter .
Post time: 22-8-12 12:14:58
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1) Add function to edit Download Url in download manager(Task Detail) after pausing download.
Post time: 4-9-12 17:02:48
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ther r many things to change.my wiahlist are-
1-background running of ucweb
2-google search always shows a captcha code when we search anythng from the top of uccweb google search its very annoying
3-add the option of select access point
4-ui shoud b like cn
Post time: 19-9-12 02:47:24
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1- Wi-fi Timer in UC Browser: Start, Stop Wifi automatically. Wifi Scheduler. Wifi Timer settings make ensure that the Wifi on  device starts and stops automatically, whenever you want it to. For example can set interval hours and day of the week when you want to use wi-fi in UC Browser. Can add multiple schedules settings, select multiple days, select when to switch on or switch off Wifi
2- Wi-fi sleep policy settings in UC Browser: Specify when to switch from wi-fi to mobile data( when wi-fi network is unavailable; when wi-fi network is not stable and fluctuates.
3- Create mini icon wi-fi timer status on Title bar up on UC Browser
4- UC Browser Wi-Fi manager that allows direct transfer of file between devices running UC Browser in Wi-Fi networks.
5- Background running
6- Clipboard manager
7- Autoreload  manager
Post time: 20-9-12 17:01:20
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RE: Wishlist for Next Version of UC Browser - Android

1. Improved Page-rendering
2. Improved User-Interface
3. Username,password saving support
4. Inline editing
5. UI changed in chrome desktop
6. improved interface in most recent versions.
7. partial JavaScript support (for timer in premium sites)
8. Better Page-rendering
9. Improved User-Interface
10. Bookmark Synchronization/ Management
11. Offline download support
12. Offline downloded in download bar
Post time: 24-9-12 19:52:39
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Plz fix..
Phone: Samsung galaxy ace
1. Minimize option not working..
2. Non resumable download fails after a Singal missed call on cell.
3. Should be lite in data memory .. May big in app memory.
4. Sometimes force closes.
5. Reloads after seeing a flash video..
6. Can't download in background.
Plz fix these....
Post time: 27-9-12 19:58:15
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Edited by private_joker at 27-9-2012 16:00

My suggestion to the UC Browser Mini for Android (U2 Kernel):
1. App2SD (move to SD) functionality, because on mid/low-end phones internal memory is not enough.
2. Compatibility with bookmarks backup format of U3 Android version.
3. Clear on exit functionality (cache, cookies, etc) like a U3 Android version.
4. Multilanguage version.


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Post time: 6-10-12 20:35:08
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hey sunil i need new 8.8 uc from u will u make it plzz i like ur all browsers..thanks
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