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[Suggestion] Wishlist (Suggestion) for Next Version of UC Browser- Windows & Others

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Post time: 2-4-12 12:00:59
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Edited by sunilsati at 2-4-2012 09:35

Hi bros~

Previous Wish List - [Post Updated - Post 1] Wishlist for Next Version of UC Browser Closed Now, as we have now Divided Sections For each platform, so i have also dividing Wish thread according to platform, Rest Rule are same.

Here first i want to list some features which we already get from old wish thread and then some of unfinished wishes to start this thread.

Features added from Old Wish Thread Wishlist
  • Improved Page-rendering
  • Improved User-Interface
  • Username,password saving support
  • Inline editing (Java).
  • UI changed in 7.7 (Symbian & Windows)
  • improved interface in most recent versions.
  • partial JavaScript support (for timer in premium sites)
  • Better Page-rendering
  • Improved User-Interface
  • Bookmark Synchronization/ Management

Here you can share your wish list for next version of UC browser.
Some thing which should follow strictly to maintain this thread clean :
  • Members can post only one Post here, in which they can post their total wish list, new addition in wishlist also allowed only on that post.
  • All Wishes related to windows or other then Java, Symbian, Android and Blackberry, as for these we have different threads.
  • No discussion, only wish list allowed here.
  • Most Wanted Wishes will be added to first post.
  • Good reply can be get good reward.
  • I got Assurance from UC team that this wish list thread will get official reply here by UC team

So Start Posting your wishlist, Platform must be Specifiy.

Standard format :

  1. [b]Platform :[/b]
  2. [b]Whislist :[/b]
  3. 1.  .....
  4. 2.  .....
  5. 3.  .....

Copy the Code
Most Demanded Wish :

Windows Mobile : Updated on 25-04-11 :
  • JavaScript
  • play and download Flash Videos (like youtube)
  • RSS support
  • Render page not too far from the original
  • Night Mode bug fix
  • Fix the bugs for the search bar

Post time: 6-4-12 21:33:04
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wishlist:please release latest version 8.2 for bada also
features:flash support
,java script,
remaining uc java version features
Post time: 31-5-12 12:19:11 From the mobile phone
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For windows phone mango we want to have user agent option ..., background downloading ,,always full screen option with only the progress bar .. N no re loading of tabs when switching over tabs
Post time: 15-7-12 04:30:44
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Add Bitmap option like Opera.
Post time: 23-7-12 19:36:26
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multiple files should be marked in download manager to send them via bluetooh. Now we can select and send one file at a time.
Post time: 11-9-12 15:45:45
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time: 8-10-12 12:38:23
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Please develope UCweb for BADA platform in India.
I can run java version but (like android or symbian) browser for BADA would be great considering the UI.
Post time: 14-10-12 06:03:08
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Edited by hatsomatt at 14-11-12 19:29

Platform : Windows Phone
Whislist :
1.  proper encoding (utf-8) with middle-European characters - for example this site contains all of the Hungarian characters - watch it on a Windows Phone with UC Browser in Speed mode
(the UC Browser is the best for WP in my opinion )
Post time: 20-10-12 02:28:04
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I am using 2.6 alfa UC.   But Turkish Charecters ü,ö,ç,ş,ğ,İ not showing to thunder mode. Please fix this bug.   Thank you very much
Post time: 19-2-13 00:23:11
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Edited by Jeetendra231 at 17-5-13 11:37

1.file manager whr we can play music+ browse
2. change user agent to wateva we want like operamini mod
3. Improved Page-rendering
4. Improved User-Interface
5. Username,password saving support
6. Inline editing (Java).
7. UI changed in 7.9
8.full java script support
9. Youtube video play
10.udisk support play via media player
Post time: 21-2-13 01:48:00
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Downloaded file transfer facility  through Bluetooth in windows phone (particularly for Nokia Lumia 610 which has WP 7.8),please visit this link for detail ==> Bluetooth file transfer of Downloaded file in Windows phone 7.8
http://forum.ucweb.com/forum.php ... &fromuid=160054
Post time: 8-3-13 09:30:27
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Sir, In The Next Version Of WP UC We Indians Specially Requesting You That Please Add Some Indian Live TV Watching Channels Link On The Navigation Links.Which Works Properlly.Because This Is The Main Problem That We Can't Watching Live TV On Our Phones.Please.
Post time: 22-3-13 03:53:17
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please add background downloading on. we have to hold mobile in hand and take care that it won't get locked. please add this in next version.
Post time: 7-4-13 14:34:26
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It is not possible to synchronize files downloaded using UC browser with PC.If make certain changes in ZUNE registry in our PC,then it is possible to open my Lumia 610 in mass storage mode,however only media related files and folders are opened,that's fine for me or any one,if mass storage is needed.

What I m wishing/suggesting is that if the UC browser developers could develop such system where all the downloaded (irrespective of file format) files of UC browser are stored in that location(as mention above),then we will be able to copy/synchronize those files with our PC.

I hope latest/new updates of UC browser will have such facility.

Thanks in advance.
Post time: 8-6-13 04:30:49 From the mobile phone
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Edited by kuldip04 at 8-6-13 04:34

pls make this update uc - downloaded musics will be automatically synced to the Video+Music Hub for windows phone 7.8
Post time: 29-6-13 14:41:17
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Edited by Sumann203 at 29-6-13 12:51

Platform :Windows phone 8
Whislist :
1. Hi UC please add the option 'Save as' while holding down on the downloading link to the next version of UC browser, Coz we are really missing out this feature ..... We loved this feature in the other platforms but we want those feature on this platform too....please  please add it......

2. And one more important thing is to add option to 'Exit'...coz we need to press back key many times to the starting page to exit.... which is really annoying.... please UC.... we need those option.....

Post time: 7-7-13 19:11:42
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time: 7-7-13 19:13:49
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time: 10-8-13 16:06:58
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Edited by ashis106 at 20-8-13 21:32

Platform:Windows 8 Phone Wishlist: 1. Add Auto Page Fresh option for mobile site in UC BROWSER
2. Screenshoter
3. Fit to screen Option
4. Go to site option after selecting a link beside Copy,Search,Share options
Post time: 12-8-13 00:18:40
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Please add support for JavaScript: links in the URL text box... Bookmarklets are what make mobile browsers better, and UC Browser can't even load any because the browser doesn't recognize JavaScript: as a valid URL... Please add... All other browsers support javascript/bookmarklets...
Post time: 7-11-13 09:28:10 From the mobile phone
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hi I hve jst used the updated version of uc browser in windows phone 7.8 . it's rly bttr . But pls support bckgrnd dwnld for 2g network also .
and show a way how to copy downloaded file to computer without uploading it to skydrive . plss.
Post time: 8-11-13 11:19:38
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kuldip04 7-11-13 09:28
hi I hve jst used the updated version of uc browser in windows phone 7.8 . it's rly bttr . But pls s ...

Dear ~
Thanks for your feedback. Due to the system limitation, background download in 2g network will stop, hope you understand. We suggest you use ordinary download, and keep it at the forefront platform. And at the same time uc browser will download it using power saving mode, you needn't keep attention to it.

We always welcome your suggestions/ feedback.
Thanks for using the UC browser.
Post time: 13-12-13 21:54:22 From the mobile phone
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The current wp8 uc does not support background download for huge files. please add that.
videos download from youtube stay in the offline cache and cannot be transferred to pc, please add this feature to next uc for wp8
Post time: 23-12-13 15:56:55 From the mobile phone
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Platform: Windows Phone 8
1 - Option to disable right and left swipe for going forward/back( annoying when you're just trying to zoom in)
2 - Better UI in full screen mode ( Forward and tabs buttons)
3 - Instant tabs on top? ( like on desktop computers)
4 - Integration with Bing search ( Open uc browser instead of ie if you search with the phone search button) if it's not an os limitation
5 - More search engines ( Wikipedia etc)
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