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Author: hagimaru_me

Request any EBook(s) here

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Post time: 31-5-16 08:27:34
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Book Name: Longbow
Author:  Wayne Grant
Format: Epub/Mobi

Thank you.
Post time: 31-5-16 13:01:11
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Post time: 31-5-16 13:16:35
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Book Name: The Wellness Sense
Author: Om Swami
Format: epub/mobi/pdf

Book Name: When All is not Well
Author: Om Swami
Format: epub/mobi/pdf

Thanks in advance.
Post time: 31-5-16 13:54:02
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Book Name:  A dog eat dog-food world
Author Name: C. Suresh
Volume (If Any):
Format Required: pdf or Kindle(iPhone)
Post time: 31-5-16 14:10:17
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Book Name: A dog eat dog-food world
Author Name: C. Suresh
Format Required: PDF
Post time: 31-5-16 14:40:22
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I am looking for 'A rising Man' by Abir Mukherjee,if anyone could post it (preferably epub or mobi) that would be wonderful!
Post time: 31-5-16 15:57:20
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Steve Cole's Shoot to Kill and Heads You Die please? epub format. Thanks!
Post time: 31-5-16 18:24:17
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bookstormdude 31-5-16 15:57
Steve Cole's Shoot to Kill and Heads You Die please? epub format. Thanks!

Before the Man became the Legend.
Before the boy became the Man.
Lights. Camera. Murder.
Young Bond is back – in his most action-packed, explosive adventure yet; something terrible is happening in Tinseltown . . .


1.2 MB, Downloads: 18

Post time: 31-5-16 19:38:40
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dev_nilu 31-5-16 19:22

A landmark in travel writing, this is the incredible true story of Heinrich Harrer’s escape across the Himalayas to Tibet, set against the backdrop of the Second World War.
Heinrich Harrer, already one of the greatest mountaineers of his time, was climbing in the Himalayas when war broke out in Europe. He was imprisoned by the British in India but succeeded in escaping and fled to Tibet. Settling in Lhasa, the Forbidden City, where he became a friend and tutor to the Dalai Lama, Heinrich Harrer spent seven years gaining a more profound understanding of Tibet and the Tibetans than any Westerner before him.
More recently made into a film starring Brad Pitt, Seven Years in Tibet is a stunning story of incredible courage and self-reliance by one of the twentieth century’s best travel writers.

Heinrich Harrer - Seven Years in Tibet (epub).epub

2 MB, Downloads: 42

Post time: 31-5-16 23:38:12
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Hi All- I am looking for a book with below details:

Book Name: The Last Mughal
Author Name: William Dalrymple
Volume (If Any):
Format Required: preferably mobi format

Please upload this if it is available
Post time: 1-6-16 00:08:12
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mosbymeniac 31-5-16 23:38
Hi All- I am looking for a book with below details:

Book Name: The Last Mughal

51AlP vNmzL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg
It is 7th November 1862, Rangoon. A shrouded corpse is escorted by a motley crew of British soldiers. A nondescript grave is ready inside the prison premises. The British officer in charge insists that no one is able locate the last resting place of Bahadur Shah Zafar II, the last Mogul emperor.
Zafar, in his lifetime, was a skilled calligrapher and a talented poet. While Zafar's more illustrious ancestors controlled most of the Indian subcontinent, he was an emperor only in name. Denied any political powers by East India Company, Zafar succeeded in forging a court of brilliance and presided over what was perhaps one of the greatest cultural renaissance in the world.
Exploring the fall of the Mughal Empire, author William Dalrymple in The Last Mughal, uses new sources to pen to expound that stage of Indian history.
Zafar ascended Delhi's throne when the Mughal Empire was already in steep decline. As the years passed, the British progressively usurped his power. A reluctant Zafar was declared the king of India in May 1857 when the sepoy mutiny broke out. He had no powers to resist it and knew that the event was doomed even before it officially started. Four months later, the British captured Delhi resulting in disastrous consequences. The city was left in ruins.
With an unmatched account of Indian and British, The Last Mughal is a revelatory account of one of history's bloodiest upheavals.

William Dalrymple-The Last Mughal_ The Fall of a Dynasty_ Delhi, 1857 -Vintage .mobi

2.92 MB, Downloads: 46

Post time: 1-6-16 05:39:57 From the mobile phone
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Can anyone please upload Jim butcher "Peace Talks"
Post time: 2-6-16 12:09:26
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venu123 1-6-16 00:08
It is 7th November 1862, Rangoon. A shrouded corpse is escorted by a motley crew of British soldi ...

Thanks a ton for this! I had been looking for this book for so long
Post time: 2-6-16 13:56:45 From the mobile phone
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Epub for James Herbert: By Horror Haunted by Stephen Jones will be a great help. Thanks in advance.
Post time: 2-6-16 15:13:30
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amgine4u 26-9-15 14:13
Book: Sahara the Untold Story
Author: Tamal Bandopadhyay
Format: any

Here you go bro

http://forum.ucweb.com/forum.php ... he%2BUntold%2BStory
Post time: 2-6-16 16:22:16
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asky332000 30-5-16 13:39
please help to get following two books
1. Asimov's New Guide to science       :                      ...

Asimov tells the stories behind the science: the men and women who made the important discoveries and how they did it. Ranging from Galilei, Achimedes, Newton and Einstein, he takes the most complex concepts and explains it in such a way that a first-time reader on the subject feels confident on his/her understanding.

Asimov's New Guide to Science - Isaac Asimov.epub

9.75 MB, Downloads: 31

Post time: 2-6-16 16:38:16
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The Secret of the Druids by Christopher Doyle. Any format will do.
Post time: 2-6-16 16:41:24
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tarasharma 2-6-16 16:38
The Secret of the Druids by Christopher Doyle. Any format will do.

Yet to be released.
Post time: 2-6-16 17:06:05
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Good day,

Book Name: The Wheel of Osheim (Red Queen's War)
Author Name: Mark Lawrence
Format Required: epub or mobi

Thank you in advance
Post time: 2-6-16 17:08:43
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Menma 2-6-16 17:06
Good day,

Book Name: The Wheel of Osheim (Red Queen's War)

From the critically-acclaimed author of PRINCE OF FOOLS comes the third volume of the brilliant new epic fantasy series, THE RED QUEEN’S WAR.
All the horrors of Hell stand between Snorri Ver Snagason and the rescue of his family, if indeed the dead can be rescued.
For Jalan Kendeth getting back out alive and with Loki’s Key is all that matters. Loki’s creation can open any lock, any door, and it may also be the key to Jal’s fortune back in the living world.
Jal plans to return to the three Ws that have been the core of his idle and debauched life: wine, women, and wagering. Fate however has other, larger, plans…
The Wheel of Osheim is turning ever faster and it will crack the world unless it’s stopped. When the end of all things looms, and there’s nowhere to run, even the worst coward must find new answers.
Jal and Snorri face many dangers – from the corpse-hordes of the Dead King to the many mirrors of the Lady Blue; but in the end, fast or slow, the Wheel of Osheim will exert its power.
In the end it’s win or die.

The Wheel of Osheim - Mark Lawrence.mobi

934.77 KB, Downloads: 6

The Wheel of Osheim - Mark Lawrence.epub

750.49 KB, Downloads: 9

Post time: 2-6-16 19:42:40
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venu123 2-6-16 16:41
Yet to be released.

I am sorry. I thought it was releasing on June 1.
Post time: 2-6-16 20:16:33
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Pls Upload this book :
Mudra The Sacred Secret
Indu Arora (Author)
ISBN # 978-0-692-37554-9
Published by Yogsadhna
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