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[TestVer] The second test for java CLOUD version is released

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Post time: 18-5-12 10:11:40
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Hi,dear all.

We are planing to enable the second test for the java cloud version.No matter whether u have tested this version before or not,please download the attachment and test it again see whether still has bugs,if yes,please tell me as the following format:

1,  What is the platform do u use? pf69 or pf70?

2,  What is your phone model?

3,  What is your access point?

4,  Whether open the wap access via server or not?

5,  What is the bug or suggestion?

6,  If it is the bug,please tell me the specific process of the problem,try to describe it in detail

7,  If the bug comes from some of the website,please provide the specific site link for us to test.

8.  Whether the previous version has such problem?

9.  Where are u from?

10, What is your belonged operator?

Thank u for your help.

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Post time: 18-5-12 10:31:14
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4,  Whether open the wap access via server or not?
Hee where is the option to turn ON/OFF wap access via server???
Post time: 18-5-12 10:39:17
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RE: The second test for java CLOUD version is released

Edited by lux at 18-5-2012 16:33

Platform:pf70 ; phone model: nokia 2690 ; Accesspoint:vinternet.in ; problem: it losts connection offenly
Post time: 18-5-12 11:01:00
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Edited by zombiezoom at 18-5-2012 23:36

Handset model: Alcatel OT 807D
Full Browser version: UC Browser JAVA pf70 (en-us) (Build12051714)
The access point name: TE Data ADSL through WiFi @ Home
Your country: Egypt
The state of Wap Access via Server: NO OPTION!
What the bug is: Always
The URL of the problem occurs: mediafire.com & m.4shared.com
The operations you have tried: Browsing, bookmarks sync, downloading, sliding gestures, Preload and offline download.
Do previous versions have the same problem: Yes, it has some of those problems.
Better to offer screenshots: OK!

Hello Chenll sis & UC Team....

1. The rendering problem in the previous versions 8.2.1 & 8.3 is still there. You can find more about it HERE!.
It even got worse as when I went to http://m.4shared.com/login.jsp to log in, I found the forms -that I should enter my login information and password in- aren't displayed correctly as in taking "right alignment" when it should be taking "left alignment".

2. Full Screen option doesn't work!
No option to change Wap Access via Server ON or OFF!  
No option to switch between "Touch Mode" and other modes.

3. I went to 4shared.com, used the search option, clicked on a file link to download, the download page opened and the countdown didn't work as GIF animation didn't work on this page, but after a while the page reloaded and "Click here to download" appeared. So I clicked and was presented with "How to download" page, I chose save and the download didn't start after clicking "Save". Also tried copying the link but the file downloaded (name.mp3) was in bytes!

4. When I visited a mediafire download link, clicked on "Download" to download the file, UC Browser's "How to download" page loaded, I clicked on "Save", the browser stated "Connecting" then stopped and nothing happened.
I got back to the file's mediafire download page, copied the link off the download button and pasted it in "Downloads" via "New Task", the download started then stated "Download Succeed" and the file size was 56 KB (wrong file size and failed to download). I had the same problem with versions 8.2.1 & , you can find more about it HERE!.
Also some mediafire links didn't open, the page was totally blank!

5. Start page links is displayed in a wrong way!
You can scroll down more than you should in the start page (as in screenshot 1).
When you click on a start page link, the click is displayed in a wrong way (as in screenshot 2).

6.Clicking on "details" on any downloaded file in "Downloads", the downloaded file's details will open and you can see "Cancel" in the right bottom to exit the details page, just then use the sliding gestures to go back to "Downloads" and the option "Cancel" will still be there!
This problem was in versions 8.2.1 & 8.3 , for more info with screenshots about it, please CLICK HERE!.


Thank you for your hard work.
POST UPDATED: 18/5/2012 23:37 Cairo GMT+2
Post time: 18-5-12 11:42:01
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Edited by samsungmobile at 18-5-2012 09:24

1.Wap compression nt available              2. unable to download images from facebook.                                           3. unable to open plunder dot com               4. java script timer not available.            5. when we enter any url while loading if we press or drag scroll bar it shows doubble items like doubble url box doubble search box and every contant doubble untill site didnt open completely.
Post time: 18-5-12 12:18:10
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Please add shortcut setting. Because when i am presing #3 for previous tab many time its suddenly #6 and my tab closed.
so i am also edit my shortcut and use uc without problem.
So please uc team i just want back shortcut setting
Post time: 18-5-12 12:24:49
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RE: The second test for java CLOUD version is released

samsungmobile replied at 18-5-2012 11:42
1.Wap compression nt available              2. unable to download images from facebook.              ...

Dear bro not working in nokia 6600 or 6630.Universal ver 8.3 is working in nokia 6630.Kindly remove the problem.Thanks
Post time: 18-5-12 12:42:00
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1, platform-pf70
2, phone model-SAMSUNG GT C6112
4,  Whether open the wap access via server or not?NOT AVAILABLE
6.  Whether the previous version has such problem-NO
7. Country-INDIA
Post time: 18-5-12 12:55:18 From the mobile phone
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Edited by 22June1987 at 18-5-2012 12:32

Problem : 1.Full Screen mode bug Address box and search box away show when I scroll down page address&search box not scroll follow.
2. UC cloud can not vote any poll in UC forum but it work on UC official.

PhoneModel :   HTC Smart
UI : Full Touch Screen
Platform : Java
IMEI :  352314031531444
WAVS :  No Option
Country :  Thailand
Operator :  Beeline 3G&4G
AP : 3G
APN :  internet.Beeline.la
UA :  Mobile/Desktop
UC :  UCBrowser_Cloud_JAVA_pf70_Build12051714
Post time: 18-5-12 12:56:11
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Edited by Subhajitdas298 at 20-5-2012 08:22

1,  pf70
2,  check sign
3,  aircelweb
4,  tried both for some problems related net usage
5,  Bugs:-
A. Address box and search box is shown in every page even in fullscreen mode. But can not be selected.
B. Homescreen not fixed.
C. Take more time to initialize than regular one.
D. Wapka and mobiplanet4m.com don't work well.
E. In app gallary links are not completely selected and the image star is selectable.
A. Fix all bugs.
B. Make 2 UIs depending on it is touch or non-touch.
C. Give old 8.2 ui for non-touch phones.
D. Old 8.2 uc squirel was better looking in startup screen.
6,  enough detail already give. S.s soon.
7,  http://mobiplanet4m.com/forum/index.php , ionwap.wapka.mobi etc.
8.  Some
9. Check sign
10, check sign
more will reporter after few days of test.
Here is a s.s video in a archive.
Post time: 18-5-12 12:56:22
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Version: UCBrowser_Cloud_JAVA_pf70_(en-us)_release_(Build12051714).jar
Phone: Nokia X2-01 S40v6
APN: airtelgprs.com
Wap access via server: There is no such option in this version.
Bugs: Uff there is lots of bugs
1. Homepage's folding tabs are not showing their titles properly.
2. Linkedin in touch version,plz remove touch in its url.
3. Myspace is in another language not in english.
4. 4shared problem is still there,its demanding log in or sing up.
5. There is no App gallery to download apps,only 3 new features are there like previous version.
6. When we scrolling down on homepage,mouse get stucked on tab list border and splits in 3 mouse pics.
7. Pretty fast,downloading is goos enough and all new 3 features working awesome.Add multiple number of adding channels in Quick reads.
8. Javascript is still not working like opera mini source code type scripts.
9. There is no Wap access via server option.
10. Multiple installation problem is solved now.
11. Mouse randering is not very good i must say,just lil bit good than UC7.7,delay in catching items by mouse.
12. About gifs,Working properly but not working in tiny movement's gifs. Like this one
Bugs in previous version: Some of them was there.
Location: New Delhi,India
Operator: Bharti Airtel known as Airtel.
Post time: 18-5-12 12:58:37
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RE: The second test for java CLOUD version is released

Please check. You didn't give pf69 jad file. Instead you gave two jar files.
Post time: 18-5-12 13:10:32
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Phone :6300.
Platform: pf70.
Country: India.
Operator: BSNL.
APN: bsnlnet.

cant clar cache and cookies.
While clickin clear data in setting menu it restores the browser.
This bug is also in previous test version.

insted of connecting add the site link it will be good.
Post time: 18-5-12 13:49:08
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Phone: Nokia 2730c
Platform: java s40v3
Country: India
Browser Platform: pf70(jar)
Operator: Vodafone
Apn: Vodafone live!
Bug: 1)When scrolling down in the browser the browser makes the text overlaps and sometimes it doubles the links and texts
2)The homepage is same as the old cloud test version
3)App gallary link not matching with the text like in first cloud test version
Post time: 18-5-12 13:49:42
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Please add shortcut setting. Thank
Post time: 18-5-12 13:53:43
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Why enter the address bar and search the web browser screen Category. Look no full page
Post time: 18-5-12 14:28:02
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Nokia 2690
disconnecting Problem.. Automatical Disconnecting after 5sec
Post time: 18-5-12 14:43:02
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Edited by Bhanupatel at 18-5-2012 15:15

Sometimes when i click on any link its showing blank screen then i press any key its shows up and same 4 next loaded page.text overlapping in big web pages.
Post time: 18-5-12 15:02:56
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Edited by Adfar2 at 18-5-2012 14:05

1, pf70(jar)
2, Nokia 7210 supernova
3, 3data
4, yes,i using open acces server wap
5, Bugs and suggestions as well, my suggestion to add brightness feature my battery does not run out quickly, and add along time in browsing. Then the screenshot feature is also in need if there is evidence of significant images for browsing.
6, The bug is that the disconnection always drop continues, please be fixed, UCWEB is not this first version, and the loss of features clear cookies and history so that my phone is not heavy/enough,and now go back into the second UCWEB longer occurs blank page, no menus, everything is empty, please be fixed again.
7, Bug website there, when you set the zoom mode, there is a link that can not be clicked on, for example facebook to zoom mode, if you can add the view html5, javascript.
8, There are still problems that first version of UCWEB UCWEB version 8 is entered, while UCWEB7.9 features a complete but still lacking in the appearance of pages still exist erorr/blank page on some website.
9, from : indonesia
10, operators three (3)
Post time: 18-5-12 15:06:25
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time: 18-5-12 15:33:55
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browser platform: pf70
phone: SE G502
country: Indonesia
platform: java
ap: 3G
apn: t-sel
operator: telkomsel

bug: this my first test of ucbrowse cloud and there is no problem yet.
Post time: 18-5-12 16:03:17
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Edited by brishi3 at 20-5-2012 23:22

Phone: Nokia c1-01
Platform: java s40v6
Country: India
Browser Platform: pf70(jar)
Operator: tata docomo
Bug- (I) in the homepage sometime its show two many curser.
(II)in 4shared.com countdown not working.
(III)Url bar & search bar visible all page.
(IV) Some time some web pages not open properly it show only uper portion.
Post time: 18-5-12 16:19:03
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info is in my sign.

address bar and search bar are permanent.. they occupy too much space..
look bad, plz make them optional or remove them.
Post time: 18-5-12 16:49:39
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Edited by raj500 at 18-5-2012 16:51

phone:nokia 2700
provider:aircel india
face this problem both in off and on wap access via server
the bug: after installation the home page links and fonts become too small.
Post time: 18-5-12 17:16:03
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Edited by an00p89162 at 18-5-2012 14:49

Version: UCBrowser_Cloud_JAVA_pf70_(en-us)_release_(Build12051714)
Phone: Nokia Asha 202(Touch and Type)
Country: India
Apn: airtelgprs.com
Bugs found:   ¤ No wap access via server option available.
¤ Home screen problem(see screenshot)
¤ Full screen mod not working.
¤ Bugs while using keypad.
   1.New window opening while selecting Copy, Save Image options.
   2. Current window closing while selecting Share option.
(These are working correctly while touching that option)

Bugs cleared in this version:
₹. The default language bug.
    ₹. The bug in File Manager.

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