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Author: Jeudy22

[Others] ¡Cuéntanos de que país eres!

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Post time: 24-6-13 05:46:43 From the mobile phone
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Entre Ríos, Argentina.
Post time: 24-6-13 06:44:41 From the mobile phone
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Soy de El Salvador! Un pequeño país en centroamérica.
Y tengo una queja y sugerencia del UC browser 9 para java s40.
-LA QUEJA: esq la nueva verción del UC browser se borran las paginas guardadas al igual q la lista de elementos descargados.
-LA PROPUESTA: es pequeña, solo me gustaria q al terminar una descargar se escuchara un pequeño sonido.

Mi móvil es un nokia 5130. s40. java
Post time: 2-7-13 20:59:33 From the mobile phone
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dani39 replied at 22-6-13 01:04
Hi. I'm from La Paz-Bolivia. I'm Daniel.  Hola, soy de Bolivia. Ojala en la proxima version incluyan ...

Jajaja. Si tiene la opcion "buscar" texto dentro de la pagina que se este viendo y se llama "Find in page", antes no me habia fijado.
Post time: 2-7-13 21:15:27 From the mobile phone
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Colombia... Que UC en plataforma Java sea minimizable!
Post time: 10-7-13 11:50:45 From the mobile phone
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miguez4 replied at 2-7-13 21:15
Colombia... Que UC en plataforma Java sea minimizable!

Si se puede minimizar, en mi caso uso varias aplicaciones java al mismo tiempo que el UCBrowser, busca cual es la tecla de tu celular que te permite cambiar y/o saltar entre aplicaciones. En mi samsung GT-B5310 Para saltar entre aplicaciones y/o abrir mas aplicaciones al mismo tiempo basta con mantener presionada la tecla central del GT-B5310 durante dos segundos y puedo elegir a cual aplicacion abierta ir o abrir otra aplicacion java o no java.
Post time: 14-7-13 12:12:54 From the mobile phone
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Ola, mi nombre es Eduardo. Soy brasileño.
Post time: 17-7-13 13:03:53 From the mobile phone
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joy soy del brasil tanbien
Post time: 18-8-13 21:56:42 From the mobile phone
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Yo soy Andrea, soy española. De momento no tengo problemas con UCBrowser, me va muy bien.
Post time: 18-8-13 22:54:44 From the mobile phone
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Soy de Colombia, y tengo 2 problemitas con el navegador .-.
Post time: 18-8-13 23:09:28 From the mobile phone
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Hola soy de Bolivia y quisiera saber por que mis descargas son lentas alguien me ayuda a solucionar este problema porfavor
Post time: 18-8-13 23:18:34 From the mobile phone
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time: 2-9-13 21:25:34
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Hola a todos!!

De Venezuela, apoyando a symbian y java

Post time: 3-9-13 02:06:44 From the mobile phone
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Soy de portugal
Post time: 1-12-13 06:30:23 From the mobile phone
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Eso es facil de solucionar amigo!
Vete a gestor de archivo o apreta #7 y busca la carpeta luego la pagina que guardaste con tu uc browser la cual tendra la extencion .uhtml ejemplo.uhtml y luego apreta ok y tu pagina guardada se cargara nuevamente....
Bueno yo uso un SE J105 y tengo paginas que guarde con uc 8. Y algo y me las abre bien 9.4
Post time: 11-5-14 06:06:34 From the mobile phone
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Un problema cuando estoy en udisk no puedo mover un archivo a otro servidor de almacenamiento por se traba y no carga. Antes funcionaba bien.
Post time: 2-10-14 00:10:55
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Post time: 7-10-14 06:50:20 From the mobile phone
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hola soy UCer desde la version 8.9 y de mexico.
Los problemas que eh visto es la visualizacion ya que han deshabilitado la opcion zoom... y tambien hay un problema con los servidores de compresion de uc browser ya que si entras una pagina desde la busqueda de google aparentemente entras a la pagina pero despues si accedes a un link de esa pagina aparece google no pudo encontrar la pagina espero que algun dia uc browser tenga el mismo modo de visualizacion de opera mini ya con eso uc browser seria el mejor navegador
viva ucbrowser (java)
Post time: 11-12-14 02:50:57 From the mobile phone
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Soy de colombia
tengo un problema, no puedo reproducir videos por que la red apn no lo soporta, ademas los.archivos que trato de descargar se quedan congelados y aparece una cruz roja que falla la descarga
Tengo un galaxy ace con la version 8.6 de uc handler
Muchas gracias
Post time: 11-12-14 13:35:27 From the mobile phone
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Hola, soy de colombia
Tengo un problema, no puedo reproducir vídeos por que la red apn no la soporta, ademas las descargas se traban y no puedo bajar nada.
Tengo el galaxy ace y la versión del uc 8.6
Post time: 24-3-15 01:01:39
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Destroying America
If you are a current print subscriber to the Idaho Press Tribune, please choose this option for FREE online access. The email address you use to log in to our website will also need to be added to your subscription account if it has not already been added. If your email address has not been added to your account or is different then your access will not be complete until they both match. The email address you use to log in to our website will also need to be added to your subscription account if it has not already been added. If your email address has not been added to your account or is different then your access will not be complete until they both match. Please contact us at (208) 467 9252 if you are having trouble with digital access or if you have any questions or concerns. But those who don't play nice may be uninvited. Don't post comments that are off topic, defamatory, libelous, obscene, racist, abusive, threatening or an invasion of privacy. We may remove any comment for any reason or no reason. We encourage you to report abuse, but the decision to delete is ours. Commenters have no expectation of privacy and may be held accountable for their comments. Please view our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for further details. John, did you try reading the survey? If you had, you would have learned that results from the ACHESS survey was compared to data from 2 existing surveys, The Health of Young Victorians Survey (HOYVS) and the Victorian Child Health and Wellbeing survey (VCHWS). The last VCHWS survey was of 5, 000 children using parents filled out questionnaires. What studies do the anti gay groups use to support their claim that LGBT people aren't fit to parent? What they hold up as the gold standard is a survey by Christian researcher Mark Regnerus. It has been decried as "fundamentally flawed" by institutions including the American Sociological Association and even his own university disavows any association with the survey because it is so obliviously flawed. John, keep packing your bags! Sorry to burst your bubble Jack but what kind of study is it that only includes gay parents? This study was done by the University of Melbourne and data for the study came from 315 same sex parents and 500 children, all enrolled in the "Australian Study of Child Health in Same Sex Families (ACHESS). So there were no traditional families or children of traditional family parents even included in the study. There also is no indication of long term results. Sounds like a "reliable study" Jack. Nice try. I agree that all people should be treated with respect and dignity. This should not mean that we condone all human behavior. We certainly should not be changing the definition of marriage in order to convince ourselves that we are compassionate. For us as a society to sanction marriage between one man and one woman is society's stamp of approval. In that setting heterosexual human behavior is universally viewed as a "moral good". No one needs to make excuses for it, it's what we wish for our children, and it's what we teach our children as being right and proper. Changing the definition of marriage to include homosexuality elevates this behavior to the status of a "moral good". Is this what you want to teach our children? Is this really what you support? John,tory burch wallet, you often make the same or similar statement of "We are talking about the destruction of marriage as a sacred institution" when talking about gay marriage. Every case regarding gay marriage that has been challenged has lost. I am sure the lawyers arguing the case for the ban have used any and all argument s possible but judges have not been swayed. If you had any evidence of how gay marriage will destroy the sacred institution of marriage I am sure it has been presented numerous times. By the way, a sacred institution where divorce and adultery are common. District Judge John G. Heyburn II say when overturning the Kentucky ban, "These arguments are not those of serious people". The same can be said of your argument that you will not reveal because disclosing it will just show how lame it is. Ireland, you do not need to "study" homosexuality. You just need to remember that as humans we are free to choose our behavior and we are assumed to be responsible for our behavior. We do not have this expectation of other species. There are many varied types of sexual behavior (all of which have always been considered to be immoral) that has never received this blessing from society and homosexuality is just one type. I don't know of anyone telling us to teach our children to be criminals, Hollywood to produce more porn, but I do know the government doesn't need any encouraging, or at least certain members thereof. I think God would qualify as a tyrant. He didn't allow freedom of religion, free speech was curtailed, you could not have friends not on his approved list, etc., and if he really didn't like you, he just killed you. I believe mankind is born with an natural tendency to be moral. I admit I haven't studied homosexuality as much as you seem to have. It doesn't fascinate me that much. However, common sense tells me that sexuality is instinctual and that instinct can form abnormally. Your examples of bigotry and anti socialism are developed attitudes, not instincts. If a person does not develop an attraction to the opposite gender but instead is more curious about and is drawn to the same gender, that is not a choice. Acting on the miswired instinct is a choice. Then the question is: Should the small fraction of miswired people be required by law to suppress their instinct when there are partners out there for them with the same condition? To answer that question we must ask: What harm would it do? I don't think it would do any harm and you think it will lead to the destruction of marriage as a sacred institution, the end of liberty, the start of anarchy and ultimately tyranny. And you think you are the more logical person. I disagree. If you are not suppressing your homosexual curiosity, what gives you the opinion that it can be done so simply? I stand by my opinion. Mr. Ireland, with your logic any one who is opposed to anything must be somehow guilty of being that very thing. So if you are against bigotry you must be a bigot. If we oppose socialism we must be secret socialists? Yours is an easy and all to used cop out of having any logic or reason to base your opinion on. The truth is all human behavior is a choice humans make. Why do you suppose there is a movement to reclassify homosexual human behavior as something that is not a human choice? You say it does't matter? Live and let live? We are talking about the destruction of marriage as a sacred institution. We are talking about changing our assumption of human nature, instead of having free will and being responsible for our behavior. It is being suggested that we are creatures mainly of instinct who cannot control our behavior. With this assumption of human nature human freedom would never be an option. You see, this homosexual movement is a Trojan horse with a poison pill to freedom and human rights. I will explain, The extreem of anarchy is the loss of any expectation of law and order and is the natural progression of widespread immorality. This anarchy naturally leads to (demands) tyrrany to restore some semblance of order (but now freedom of erased). The arbitrary power is the whim of the strongest human element to rise to power by force. You see, that is why morality is issential to freedom, immorality is the catalyst of tyrrany. Widespread immorality invites tyrrany. As a free people we should very supicious when we see immorality being encouraged in our society by our government, in our schools and in our entertainment. John,louis vuitton store outlet, this should be a two way conversation, not just you asking questions. I responded to your letter with a number of questions for you, to wit: " How does gay marriage threaten heterosexual marriage? When it starts in Idaho are you going to divorce your wife and find a man to marry? Your entire letter is just filled with what you wish was true versus what reality tells us what is true. You never present any evidence to support your wild claims, just the usual spewing of religious claims and homophobic fears that are based in quicksand. "You need to answer my questions before you ask me questions. It's called having a two way conversation. I think it is disrespectable of you to ignore my questions and expect me to be just an answer man. Respond to my questions and then I will be more than happy to respond to yours. In my opinion,burberry handbags outlet, anyone who thinks homosexuality is a choice is a person who themselves feels a certain curiosity for it. They are able to suppress the temptation, so they think others should too. For me, the notion of participating in homosexual activity is disgusting and unappealing. Accordingly, I think that without a predetermined attraction to the same gender, no one would voluntarily choose it. Even if being gay is a "choice" for some, so what? It is their choice, not mine. I see no way in which it can harm me or society in general. Perhaps what disturbs people like J. Seale is the sodomy. Well, unless you have been living under a rock you know that heterosexual couples do it too, a lot. And here is a question for Spudman: Did all, most, some, or any of the young boys sodomized by priests enjoy it as you state and then turn to homosexuality because of it?

Post time: 30-3-15 21:42:48
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Hola amigos! Soy de Peru!
Tengo un problema con las nuevas actualizaciones del navegador. Resulta que aún sigo utilizando la version Android pf139 Build 14041411 debido a que a pesar de que yo navegue con calidad de imagen baja, al momento de descargar fotos, ésta me bajan con la mas alta calidad.... pero cuando actualicé mi navegador y mantenia mi navegacion con calidad de imagen baja, las fotos que guardaba ESTABAN EN BAJA CALIDAD! Por eso es que aun mantengo mi navegador antiguo. Espero que haya amigos con el mismo problema y mejor aun, con soluciones... Muchas gracias!!!:30UC
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