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[Announcement] UC Browser 8.6 Version For Java Is Officially Released!

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Post time: 20-9-12 17:47:19
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UC Browser 8.6 For Java: Make Smart-Phone-Like Browsing Experience On Feature Phone
Update:After a ton of hard work, yours and ours, we are excited to launch UC Browser 8.6 for Java. More powerful than ever, UC Browser provide a faster speed and more powerful download management, to let people needn't waste too much time to wait and download anything you like even though there's no space on your phone. Users can enjoy a smartphone-like performance on their feature phones. Let’s take a look at what we are talking about:
1.Full Offline Download Support:
It is helpful to use the offline download when users’ devices storage space is insufficient. The downloaded items will be stored in the UDisk and users can open it without saving items to local. Those txt, pdf, doc, xls, ppt, umd, zip, rar file format are supported. Now you are free to download any file as you want, without worrying about the data plan.
1.Switch Tap to Download
2.Select the Offline Download
3.Connect your UC Browser with your Facebook or Google account. we recommend you sign in with UC account for better service.
4.Feel free to download files with offline download function,enjoying the lightening speed.
5.Enjoy the Smart-Phone-Like browsing experience

Note: You can even check the synchronous/download status with download manager. a quick entry to the download tap, allowing users to quick access to the offline download management. What’s more, you can cancel, pause and resume downloading files anytime as you want.

2.Upload Optimization
It’s our pleasure to save more of your time. Enjoy a 4x uploading speed with UC Browser. We also change on user interface, you can check the upload status with the Floating Window on top left.
2.jpg 3.png
     Previous                           Now

3.Preview Images Before Uploading
Unlike the smart phone, feature phone cannot display photos as previews. So when users want to upload a photo, they got confused: ”which one to upload exactly?” Another concern we all had was that before uploading a picture, you want to check if it is perfect to upload and share to all you friends.  No problem. We are proud to say V8.6 makes it easier to upload a perfect image.
4.jpg 5.png

4.Bring The Useful ” Clear All History” Option Back
We must thank you all for the amazing feedback, we decided to bring back the “Clear All History” Option that you all requested.

5.Speak Ten Languages
We don’t want to brag but UC Browser is smart, extremely smart. So smart that in the last couple of weeks UC Browser learned 10, yes ten, languages!

 We really appreciate your feedback on previous betas and you have been instrumental in helping us to improve UC Browser’s stability and performance.

If you want to know more about, please visit:
Official Website: http://www.ucweb.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ucmob
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/UCBrowser

Universial Version:
UCBrowser_V8.6.0.199_JAVA_pf69_(en-us)_release_(Build12092011).jad (938 Bytes, Downloads: 46932)


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Post time: 20-9-12 17:50:59
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RE: UC Browser 8.6 Version For Java Is Officially Released!

Is the download center removed in official version?
I don't have access to it.
Post time: 20-9-12 17:54:25
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time: 20-9-12 18:22:32
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Dear uc team, great work uc team.....This is really awsome....I really appreciate your work from my heart.... Keep progressing.....All the very best
Post time: 20-9-12 18:42:17
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Edited by mimrinal at 20-9-2012 16:13

Uc 8.6 pf84 for samsung touch phones is unsigned. I would have loved to have samsung signed version.
Admins please take notice and give us samsung users signed uc in the NEXT release.
Post time: 20-9-12 18:42:22 From the mobile phone
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Edited by mihirDsaxena at 20-9-2012 17:08

Cheers for UC team,
its fantabulous and working very good. I hope it will work same without any errors.
hey please add cache and cookies option in clear history like previous versions
Best Of Luck UC
Post time: 20-9-12 19:08:35
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Thanx sooooooo much ucweb team,the cloud version is workin and lookin amazin on my samsung star,really amazin work and sooooo glad u brought back the data feature when visitin a site,keep up the amazin work
Post time: 20-9-12 19:14:58
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Awesome Work UC Team...
nice version and I glad to handle this very much...
Post time: 20-9-12 19:24:43
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RE: UC Browser 8.6 Version For Java Is Officially Released!

Suhrudkumar replied at 20-9-2012 15:50
Is the download center removed in official version?
I don't have access to it.

Yes,currently download center remove from download manager
Post time: 20-9-12 19:30:08
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So fast... Thanks UC! Really a amazing browser. It's working very nice.
Post time: 20-9-12 19:39:29
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Thanks....good working in my phone
Post time: 20-9-12 19:40:15
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Edited by dragonfighter2 at 24-9-2012 07:48

Nice work UC. Uploading has greatly improved. Now, I can stick to one browser.

After days of using this, the browsing speed is slowing down and many sites are not opening unlike previous version. Offline download shows error after sometimes. Really disappointing.
Post time: 20-9-12 19:57:38
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Why I can't install 8.6? I have Samsung star 2 duos and I use 8.4 version. I try to download all possible versions from official site but all of them right error , why?
Post time: 20-9-12 20:07:18
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Well done!

Edited by karamjit at 20-9-2012 17:56

Good work! The uc 8.6 is just amazing.
Quickreads are working after many versions. Now we can add new channels but still no local channels are added.
Page browsing data, in kb's is shown.
Surfing, browsing is fast than before.
Not getting the upload box for screenshots for this thread, on no uc whether java or symbian, not on opera, not even on my default browsers. Is it latest bug of ucf. Plz check. Thanks
Post time: 20-9-12 20:13:17
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Very good i love that.
Post time: 20-9-12 21:13:36
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Working great in my phone thanks to ucteam
Post time: 20-9-12 22:09:58
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Haizz, this problem appear again and again, where is game center in uc 8.6 vietnamese?
Post time: 20-9-12 22:12:04
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Like the new uc, but error screen pops up too often and lolzpedia still not working. Not recieving captcha in google ! Really like the offline download bar and the kb display while loading.
But hate the traffic statistics view, Plz change it in the next version. Also want javascript/flash support in the next version.
Post time: 20-9-12 22:37:40
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The loading bar is too small. The one in 8.4 is far better. Also, the traffic statistics is not good. You guys should bring the one in version 7.9 back. I'm sure many people will agree with me on this.
Post time: 20-9-12 22:40:51
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RE: UC Browser 8.6 Version For Java Is Officially Released!

Awesome 8.6 is faster than 8.5 cloud.
Post time: 20-9-12 22:47:25
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4shared log in problem.
Post time: 20-9-12 22:50:42
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Very nice
love you uc team
thanks a lot
this is better than 8.5
Post time: 20-9-12 23:02:39
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The new version is nice, but if you've used version 7.9, you'll see that the difference is much. I think uc crew should bring features in 7.9 to the next version. The only thing I liked was the offline download. I'll just stick to the older versions(7.9 & 8.4). I really love uc browser and I don't want to stop using it.
Post time: 20-9-12 23:41:53
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Edited by samsungmobile at 20-9-2012 21:15

What CAN i say. its wonderful majestic amazing awesome mind-blowing* . i love you UC....! Direct full inline editing in every text field Needed  in  NEXT release. and file manager which support audio/ video Playback Like Uc 5.3
Post time: 21-9-12 02:51:41 From the mobile phone
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add dlmanager shortcut in nxt ver.
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