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[Translated] UCWEB 6.3 Java Final - all Ver & Patchs, Fixed UA, by mannuforall (1Aprl 9)

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Post time: 6-1-09 13:11:12
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                                     Ucwebians 25.png
All are unofficial fully English translated Ucweb 6.3 Final version.
NEWS: Ucweb 6.5 beta has been released, download here: Ucweb 6.5 Beta
NOTE: Updated with new 3rd patch, Build 09031017.
It based on English server and no Chinese adds no boxes / no Chinese language. But I also attached Chinese server version with Chinese adds.
NEW UPDATE: The issue of redirecting to mobile versions of some sites and redirect to Chinese language fixed. For exp when you visiting Google.com Ucweb moved to wap version of Google. In this new updated version this problem has been fixed slightly. All Links are updated with fixed UA (user agent) versions. To enable this feature select Opera in Menu- Preference- Basic Settings- User Agent. Thanks to Jbpseudo for this UA method.
Download count more than 78,000 times. Thanks To all of Ucwebians

For more info, setup and other faq on UCWEB, plz visit: Complete Ucweb User Manual & FAQs
For Ucweb Tutorials like how to download/upload, create thread, set avatar and lots more plz visit: Ucweb Tutorials & KnowledgeBase
Released patch version on 13 Jan 2009
Its browsing speed is very fast as ever.
Completely new style and look.
New enhanced interface black temptation.
New pink theme.
Improved speedy Download manager.
Lots others improvements. Try and feels the enhancements.
Its a Fully translated version.
New features and optimization
1. A new interface design and theme
2. To increase the use of guide tips
3. Night mode optimization (solution WEB page background color of the issue of night-time mode)
4. JAD / JAR file download process optimization
5. Browse the history of the title is too long shows optimization
6. Menu operation in support of the number keys corresponding optimization
7. File browser support direct "confirmation" button to select the
8. The list box display optimization
9. The same name to increase coverage prompted save bookmarks
10. Cursor even by lowering the speed
11. Pre-time configuration to simplify
12. Increase whether or not to accept information shells window switches
13. Removal download settings, download files available to download automatically to determine the way

Fix the problem
1. To repair a small number of models to download error
2. To repair part of the Siemens mobile phone button matching problem
3. Repairing Sony Ericsson W950 keys enter the URL when matching problem
4. Modify beta version browser WEB increased flow problems
5. Handheld securities can not fix the problem landing
6. UIQ phone repair part of the regular automatic withdrawal from the issue of

Function Optimization in 2nd Patch:
1. Home right softkey to add switching function
2. Menu item to increase recommended by Friends
3. To amend the relevant text description

Fix the problem in 3rd Patch:
*1. Solve the Samsung D908i even deal with the wrong question by;
*2. To improve networking error when there is 8 led to not be able to continue networking.
3. Restoration progress bar display problem
4. To repair part of the problem of domestic hine font settings

Note: Plz not forget to report any translation error, bug or issues with UCWEB for making it better.
Your reviews always help to UCWEB team to find out errors and resolve issues.

Here 7 types of download available:

1- Ucweb 6.3 Final English Server with fixed User Agent

Ucweb 6.3 English Server.jar (248.92 KB, Downloads: 51119)


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Post time: 6-1-09 13:17:18
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Sorry if any translation error, plz report if any error or problem found.

[ Last edited by mannuforall at 11-1-2009 15:12 ]
Post time: 6-1-09 13:19:15
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good job!
Post time: 6-1-09 13:22:01
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Great Job . Downloading.....
Post time: 6-1-09 13:25:49
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It bases on english server, no chinese adds.
Post time: 6-1-09 13:31:11
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Please add the term 'english server' in the title.
Btw, the link you gave is not direct(i mean DIRECT ). It takes me to google page to download. I will generate the direct link please wait.

[ Last edited by jbpseudo at 6-1-2009 11:03 ]
Post time: 6-1-09 13:36:00
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i'm error, it is no chinese adds

[ Last edited by llnhhy at 6-1-2009 13:51 ]
Post time: 6-1-09 13:36:24
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Thanks Jb, plz upload it on other site and give a direct link .
Post time: 6-1-09 13:39:23
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Here is the direct link. Click on it, the download starts
UCWEB 6.3 Final English Server
Edit: I have not uploaded it on other server yet. I just modified the google download link .

[ Last edited by jbpseudo at 6-1-2009 11:14 ]
Post time: 6-1-09 13:55:09
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Thanks  jbpseudo,
I updated it on main post.
Post time: 6-1-09 13:58:54
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Sorry the above direct link is not working . I will upload to fileupyours
Post time: 6-1-09 14:42:53
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Hi Mannu. Here is the download link at fileupyours.
UCWEB 6.3.zip
Please update the first post with the above link
Post time: 6-1-09 15:28:07
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Great job Mannu
thanks for hardwork
Post time: 6-1-09 16:23:21
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Cool job... Thanks a lot friend... I love this black skin...
Post time: 6-1-09 17:49:45
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Hi, Ucwebians
Updated fully.
Here two separate versions available.
One for English server without Chinese adds.
Second for Chinese server with Chinese adds.
Two direct download links added.
Post time: 6-1-09 18:11:10
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Reply 12# jbpseudo's post

Thanks to you. I updated all attachment with fully translated versions and two direct download links .
Post time: 6-1-09 18:55:50
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Hi, S|G
Where are you? Ucweb 6.3 Final is here.
We needed your valuable comments.
Same for other mods and admin.
Post time: 6-1-09 19:29:42
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Thanks S|G for your rewards.   
Post time: 6-1-09 19:39:28
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mannu, i m not fan user, but i m sharing yr work. u did great task :-)
Post time: 6-1-09 20:19:48
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Thanks xhtml
Plz try it and share your comments and suggestions on it.
Post time: 6-1-09 20:28:45
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@Mannu. I get error while installing jar. It says 'jar size do not match jad size'. I am interested in uploading the updated jar file to a server that supports one click downloading.
Post time: 6-1-09 20:49:44
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Install directly form jar?
Ok you can upload it.
Post time: 6-1-09 20:58:38
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Well. I replaced the manifest file in the non working version with an older one and it worked
I am still searching for a file host that supports direct jar hotlinking. I will find it soon
Post time: 6-1-09 21:42:40
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Tell me if you find
Post time: 6-1-09 21:45:05
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And i finally found it.
Here is the direct one click download link for the updated translation from you.
UCWEB 6.3 English Server.jar
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