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[Tutorial] Questions on UC Free WIFI (FAQ)!

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Post time: 21-4-15 14:53:34
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Questions on UC Free WIFI (FAQ)

1.How to connect to UC free WiFi with mobile handset?
Find "Settings" on your phone and open "WLAN" (for iPhone, open "Wireless LAN" or "Wi-Fi"). Find the WiFi name created by UC free WiFi, input WiFi password, and click "Connect", then you can access the Internet for free.

2. Fail to turn on UC free WiFi?
Make sure your computer has wireless adaptor and it's turned on;
Make sure your wireless adaptor driver is the latest version;
Make sure you have Administrator privileges, and run as Administrator;
If your computer's Power Manager is Maximum Power Saving, it may fail. It is suggested that the mode be adjusted to Maximum Performance.
If your system is lite version, ICS service might be absent, so that you fail to turn on WiFi. It is suggested that the operating system be changed. Enter "Services" from "Services and Applications", there will a list of services on the right. Now we need to find out whether ICS service exists. If not, it is suggested the operating system be changed to Win7 non-lite version. If it does, see if it "has been started up". If not, right-click to start it up; if it does, and WiFi still fails, try "Restart".



If your operating system is XP sp2, it needs to be patched. After that, restart the computer and turn on free WiFi. Suggested that the system be changed to Win7.

3.WiFi startup is not stable, BSOD? Upgrade driver!
When free WiFi is turned on, if the network adaptor driver is too old, it might cause BSOD. Even if it can be launched, the signal will be poor, degrading online experience. So how to update wireless adaptor?
Firstly, download driver from the official website.
You can find things you need on the official websites of various PC brands.
Secondly, use third-party software such as Driver Genius to install driver.
Officia Dl website of PC Driver Download: http://www.pc-driver-download.com/
Officia Dl website of Driver Download : http://www.driver-download.net/

4. WiFi is launched successfully, but why can't the mobile find the hotspot?
XP system only support one device connected once; WiFi launched by XP system is not available to most android mobiles. It needs to be patched, but the patch only support mobile with android 4.1 or below version.
①  Gain mobile Root access: Different models gain root access in different ways. For instant, MIUI gets root access from "Permission Manager- ROOT Access Allowed", or using one-click Root function of Tecent Mobile Manger.
②  Install android system ADHOC patch:
Make sure you have backed up the original wpa_supplicant file before installing ADHOC patch. If you fail to install the patch, you can restore settings, otherwise, you phone cannot find any WiFi! You can use SnapPea or 91 Assistant to back up.
b) Download android 4.0 wpa_supplicant patch 4.0.zip
c) Put the downloaded patch in some file in sd card
d)  Download R.E Manager, with which you can use the downloaded wpa_supplicant file to overwrite the original one in system/bin file of "Mobile Storage".
e) If it still fails, search for the android ADHOC patch that fits your model. Download and install it. Suggest that you refer to the patch manual of relevant model. 【WiFi is successfully shared, it can be searched, but not be connected by phone. It is always in the process of gaining IP, verification, or prompted that it is been saved.】  
Win7, Win8 system
① Follow the steps:
Restart mobile WLAN.
b) Restart UC free WiFi.
c) Check whether the computer that launches WiFi can find other WiFi hotspots such as CMCC. If not, suggest that you check "Network Connections", disable the wireless adaptor, and then restart it.
If the mobile still cannot find WiFi hotspot, it may because the wireless adaptor driver is not compatible enough. AP wpa2 mode is not turned on. Solutions are listed below:
1. First, upgrade the wireless adaptor driver! Details about how to upgrade it can be found in 2.3.
2. Second, if the wireless card is upgraded, but still it has no WPA2 mode, it suggests that the wireless adaptor is too old, not supporting SoftAP. You can only buy another wireless card that supports SoftAP. See 1.5.

5.You mobile handset can detect WiFi hotspot, but cannot be connected!
Check whether the computer that launches free WiFi has stable Network Access first.
Check whether the terminal password is the same as the PC client password .
It may be blocked by Firewall. Turn off Firewall and restart WiFi.
Turn off the network block of security software.
If it has been in the process of obtaining ip, try setting static ip on mobile or restart the computer.

6.After WiFi is launched successfully, it goes offline automatically or is usually disconnected. How to deal with it?
WiFi can be shared normally only when your computer remains open. If your PC goes into auto sleep, WiFi will be disconnected. You need to restart it to share. If you need to share WiFi for a long time, Suggest that you turn off Hibernation and Sleep in Power Manager.
As for android mobile devices, check Settings-Wi-Fi Settings-Advanced Settings, see whether Wi-Fi "remains connected in hibernation" is on.
Make sure your PC and mobile device have the same password.

7.Can connect to WiFi, but cannot access the Internet?
Make sure your wireless adaptor driver has been upgraded to the latest version.
If the driver has been upgraded to the latest version, then it is usually because of selecting the wrong Access Network. Turn off WiFi sharing first, select the corresponding option in the drop-down (Broadband dial-up selects "broadband connection", while Internet access with network cable selects "local connection"), then restart WiFi sharing.   
If you still fail to access Internet, clean up all network settings in your phone.

8.WiFi is successfully shared, and IM is available, but webpage cannot be accessed?
First method: Modify DNS of the sharing network. Specific steps
Second method: Open Wi-Fi Settings in your phone, in Sharing Wi-Fi -Advanced Settings, replace the DNS of your mobile with that of your computer; if PC can find WiFi but is not able to access Internet, change the DNS likewise.
Recommended DNS:  ,

9.How to calculate the data traffic and amount saved this time?
Total the WiFi upload and download data traffic, we get the data traffic saved; Convert the data traffic into expense, we get the amount saved. The current conversion method is 0.318INR/M data traffic.


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Post time: 23-7-15 15:13:30
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hey i got new problem that it says your wireless adaptor driver is not supported.
1. upgrade network adaptor driver
2. try to change the driver version.
but how i am supposed to find my adaptor driver and its version
Post time: 23-7-15 19:58:17
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this is the screenshot.please  help mee
Post time: 22-10-15 09:29:30
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Abhiton 12-5-15 22:32
as default, it is 123456789
but u can change it..

Hi.  How do you change the password for UFC free Wi-Fi?  I can't seem to find a setting for it.  Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.  
Post time: 11-5-15 02:40:43
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what is WiFi password
Post time: 3-10-15 21:19:35
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mere uc wifi me connect hi nahi hota hai..
bahut kam bar hota hai connect..
please solve it
Post time: 28-8-15 03:55:39
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tyvm wifi free
Post time: 21-9-15 02:08:33
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UCBrowser mobile & PC is the best
especially this UCWifi ^__^

is there a posibility to limit the UCWifi Speed?
Post time: 28-5-15 00:47:42
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me sale incompatible adaptador! que tendria que actualizar !bueno si alguien me ayuda para poder actualizar el adaptador wifi se lo agradesco ! mi adaptador es marvelll libertas 802.11b/g
Post time: 3-5-15 22:50:18
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thankyou so muchh problem is solved and now using wifi
Post time: 12-5-15 22:32:59
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syrguy 11-5-15 02:40
what is WiFi password

as default, it is 123456789
but u can change it..
Post time: 21-5-15 18:07:51 From the mobile phone
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what does it mean by 'free' ? is it totally free ? I mean I only have to bear adopter cost
Post time: 25-5-15 00:29:07 From the mobile phone
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I always get that obtaining ip address problem and I am tired of restarting my pc, maybe future updates will fix this? but overall, it is one of the best browsers I've used so far. Good job guys.
Post time: 25-5-15 04:35:47 From the mobile phone
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if I have windows 8 pc and uc browser in Zimbabwe with a perfect android phone will it work in my country
Post time: 3-6-15 22:57:39
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i turn on hotspot from mylaptop...get ssid and password....but when turn on wifi from mobile...unable to search any device
Post time: 5-6-15 21:21:39
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First UC wifi was working good but it suddenly stop working and was not starting even i tried all the above things. So I uninstalled UC browser and reinstalled it but now the uc wifi symbol or the button from where we start is not seen/visible. It's Gone.

Can any one help me with this.....Please.
Post time: 17-7-15 16:54:21
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Bài được HoanPiTa sửa lúc  17-7-15 16:55

after startup window if i turn off then turn on Ucwifi, in the second connect ,i can't connect .Pls help me
Post time: 17-7-15 17:40:47
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Edited by HoanPiTa at 20-7-15 11:21

in the first time it's working ,but if i turn off ucwifi hotspot then turn on it's doesn't working
Post time: 23-7-15 18:07:07
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Rahul12750 5-6-15 21:21
First UC wifi was working good but it suddenly stop working and was not starting even i tried all th ...

Hi bro,
Got it, but could you plz kindly try to send us the screenshot?
Also, we suggest you can create a new theme in PC version, here we can look into your problem faster.
Thx bro.  
Post time: 23-7-15 18:09:16
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HoanPiTa 17-7-15 17:40
in the first time it's working ,but if i turn off ucwifi hotspot then turn on it's doesn't working

Hi bro, it is so strange.
Can you plz tell us your specific operation steps?
After the first time, what did you do?Any error screenshot?
Also, we suggest you can create a new theme in PC version, we can got it faster, ok?
Thx bro, nice day!  
Post time: 19-8-15 14:56:47
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How its working ??
Really Awesome , in my company they give a wifi ACCESS..but it is secure
they filter by mac address.. am really stucked

really ucwifi great to access the wifi thank you developers...hatsoff
shall u explain how its working ??

shall i change the name of default ucwifi ssid name????
Post time: 3-9-15 02:31:07
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guys.......anyone know how to unlock router(D-LINK DIR600M)???
Post time: 22-9-15 22:06:15
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Hey Admin, i'm new here, can you list the supported network adapter because mine are not supported i very thankful if you list it to me
Post time: 24-9-15 15:48:00 From the mobile phone
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free wifi andriod

free wifi only for window  why not for andriod?
Post time: 5-10-15 23:40:19
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     tyvm 4 share
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