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Author: grace

[Tutorial] Free WiFi, new function for PC 5.0 of UC Browser

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Post time: 13-7-15 21:49:30 From the mobile phone
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I need help. Virtual WiFi tells to install patch. Now how and where have to install patch? Please help me! !!
Post time: 19-7-15 18:16:53
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time: 24-7-15 23:12:24
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what's the password & how to change the password
Post time: 17-8-15 19:15:36
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Hello everybody
I use UC Web browser for the PC version for Windows
And also I have installed on my smartphone for Android
I like congratulations. and to continue so.

Recently I have been upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10
Now I can not use function - UC Virtual WIFI

I get the message, your wireless adapter driver is not supported
Please review the screenshot below

Basically before you can use UC Virtual WIFI, and now after the upgrade, I can not use it
Reinstalling UC Web browser does not solve the issue
My driver is up to date

What is your advice whether this is a bug or technical problem
Please do be able UC Virtual WIFI, is compatible with drivers for Windows 10
Thanks in advance
Заснемане UC Virtual WIFI.JPG
Post time: 18-8-15 04:45:55
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i love this function tyvm grace 4 it  
Post time: 9-7-16 18:17:25
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i have not wifi icon in uc browser please help me what i do?
and how i can use wifi connection in uc browser?
Post time: 10-7-16 11:21:37
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Abid haider 9-7-16 18:17
i have not wifi icon in uc browser please help me what i do?
and how i can use wifi connection i ...

You can try to do 2 things:
1. Click on the menu (squirrel) > click on the MDbrowser, then a prompt should open asking if you want to uninstall or repair browser > click on repair browser. Now your issue should be fixed. if not do option 2

2. You can clean reinstall UC browser. Clean reinstall happens when you delete anything that a uninstalled program leaves behind.
Post time: 20-5-17 11:05:06
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本帖最後由 lawkmlaw 於 23-5-17 15:50 編輯
Abdullah_hilmy 13-7-15 21:49
I need help. Virtual WiFi tells to install patch. Now how and where have to install patch? Please he ...

have you solved the problem yet??

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Post time: 2-11-17 20:24:01
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hi guys. I am a uc user. I have used the free wifi before. But now i can not find the wifi icon in my uc browser.
Post time: 14-11-17 23:54:18
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time: 9-12-17 00:45:31
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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